Friday, August 23, 2013

oh, children. {#4}

Emma, to her little brother: "oh Bennett, you're not actually human. You're an alien and you come from the planet of cute."
Annabelle, upon hearing talk of the Superbowl: "so, this bowl, it could save your life, right? What are its powers exactly?" (she was kidding. I think. She's a comedian, this one.)
Rosalie found a snail outside one day, and brought it to me, wondering where she should put it. I told her to put it on the grass, since snails need green things to live. She did, and I considered the matter over. Only a few minutes later, however, she came back to me, worried and concerned. "mommy, I think the snail is dying!" I quickly reassured her that he would be fine on the grass, but she insisted I come and see. She led me to it and pointed, "see? It's dying!"
I looked. Oh dear. "Um, Rosalie, did you step on it after you put it on the grass?? "
She wasn't wrong... it was definitely dying. Poor little snail, all smashed to bits.
Recently, there was an old power plant here in our town that was blown up so they could take it all down. one day we happened to be driving down the road on which it was located, and I made sure to point it out to the girls, since it was kind of a big deal.
As we drove past it, I heard Annabelle say, in a jeering tone, "hey, power plant, you got blown up real good, didn't  you? Yeah. take that." 
.... did my 7-year old seriously just TAUNT an exploded building?
yes. yes she did. 
We were at the dinner table one night and Rosalie was eating an orange. She looked up at me with a mildly concerned expression and informed me that she had eaten a seed. I quickly responded with "oh, it's ok. it just means you'll grow an orange tree in your tummy, and the branches will come out your mouth and ears." (oh come on, we mamas have to have a little fun teasing sometimes!)
But then I reassured her, "Don't worry honey, nothing bad will happen... seeds need to grow outside of our bodies, where there's dirt and sunshine and water." 
Emma chimed in, "Yeah... but if all you eat is dirt and water and sunshine, then you're in trouble."
Annabelle, upon overhearing a conversation about digital camera and photographs: "Mommy, what's a mega-pickle?"

Silly kids of mine. I'm so grateful for how they make me laugh and smile! Sure, they most definitely drive me crazy sometimes....but I wouldn't trade them and their funny little selves for the world.


Unknown said...

Love this! Looks like your girls are witty and fun like their mom!

Unknown said...

I laughed so hard about the power plant comment! Funny girl!

*CPA* Su said...

Aren't you SUPPOSED to step on the snail after you put it on the grass?! Silly mommy! ;-)
Love the pic!!

molly june. said...

what's a mega pickle? PERFECT. i love kids humor. HAHAH!!!!!