Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Artistic Endeavors of the Little Girl Kind

For some time now, one of Emma and Annabelle's favorite things to do is to color. Almost immediately after breakfast, they can be found sitting at the bar, paper and colors in front of them, drawing away with admirable focus. And the colors and paper stay out pretty much throughout the day-- I've found there is no use in putting them away before the girls go to bed, because they will only haul them back out from the cupboard at some point. They literally use them all day long.

And while they do enjoy a good coloring book every once in a while, they really prefer plain white paper upon which they can scribble and draw anything they want. (In fact, even when they do use coloring books I always find drawings of their own written over the already-printed ones!) I encourage such creativity, but I have to say that the amount of pieces of white paper they go through in a day becomes quite the little pile-- I'm sometimes a bit at a loss as to WHAT to do with all those drawings. And we are certainly no friend of the trees... ah well, what is the environment after all when young minds are using their imagination and creating such masterpieces as these?

Here is Emma's version of a princess on a horse, riding into a castle:

And this is Annabelle's depiction of a party:

All of us, on a bus! By Emma, of course:

Could this little curly-haired girl be a self-portrait by "Annabelle Fluffyhead"?

Emma drew this picture and told me it was "Charlie and Lola" holding pictures of kitty-cats. (side note: how CUTE are her birds?? I love them)

As you can see, Annabelle also tends to draw in the more abstract form. I love the colors here:

I really, really love to see how their pictures have evolved and changed over time as they've gotten better at drawing and their imaginations take on new flights of fancy. Emma's especially seem to change from day to day. One day, her people look like this (a girl picking apples):

And the next day, they've taken on a whole new face!



I think this little red-clad girl with her tongue sticking out is one of my personal favorites:

What will their little minds think of and their busy hands create next? I can't wait to see!


natasha | sohobutterfly said...

Oh my word! They have mad talent!! I'm very impressed.

bandofbrothers said...

sososo cute. i'm officially declaring our children soulmates. my boys literally color all day long. all day long. all day long. finn was in tears yesterday that we ran out of scratch paper, so John had to bring MORE home from work. he said we are running out of scratch paper. I asked him to get some from more teachers and he said he already did! so we are in a similar predicament.

can your hubby get scratch paper from work and bring it home? i honestly don't know what we'd do without it!

maybe our playdate should just consist of coloring, LOL!

Tristan said...

Those are just precious!

thatmom said...

Talia, I LOVE these! Just yesterday I framed a picture that Penelope drew. It is the two of us, just Penelope and me, and we both are wearing long flowing dresses and have bows in our hair. We are holding hands and at the top of the page she wrote "Penelope and Grandmama." I will hang it on the wall, maybe in the kitchen. :) It is just so precious to me.

Kourtni said...

That is so stinkin' cute. Seriously though... our kids are doing the exact same thing. I was just thinking about how NOT "green" our children are. We find drawings all over the entire house and there are always always always colors and markers everywhere. I love it though.

alyssa said...

Awwwww!! I LOVE little kid drawings, love love love! I love that my Mom saved a lot of my stuff! :)

So, do you want some free paper? We waste so much at work it makes me cry. Since I work for an engineer we're always printing things on big sheets of paper, and I always have scraps left over. Or even if something didn't print right, there is always a blank back side? I'm talking like, 24"x36" paper...hehe :) Let me know, I already have some actually at work that I roll up in hopes of someone wanting!

Lydia said...

wow those are the cutest!! They have better skills then I do!
I love emma's little girls. so adorable. and annabelle's party looks rockin. haha
Can't wait to see them..and YOU!!!
kisses from Brattina

Jerusha Abigail said...

oh my goodness! Those are all too adorable! And so extremely creative! I love the Charlie and Lola one..her birds! I love the pictures that they drew for me. I have a little piece of paper with butterflies all over it from emma in my wallet. And Annabelle is getting so good at her people! The curls...I love it all! Give them BIG hugs and kisses from Auntie! kisses!

Misty said...

i love it! They have great imaginations!

Anonymous said...

These are too cute! You could use them to wrap small gifts! I know my fridge can always use one more picture from these 2 cutie pies. I save them. I have a small stack in a special drawer and the most recent ones you sent are on the front of the fridge... No baby yet? I bet you are more than ready to get Rosalie on the outside :-) Love, Hugs and kisses to all

Kourtni said...

Ok, so I just had to tell you.... I came on to show Juliet your girls' drawings and she looked at Annabelle's party picture and without me saying anything she goes, "Awe... its a party." LOL I guess the kids are on the same wave length.

Megan said...

Oh! Every single one of them is precious! I love that you encourage this in them and I LOVE Emma's birds!

Sunny said...

I am seriously impressed with your girls' talent! Annabelle can draw?! Nathan only scribbles! I love all of their pictures. SO cute! I wish I knew that for Emma's birthday, I would have just bought paper and crayons for her. ;)

Cheri said...

This is soooo Lauren. She has her little table in the living room and it is piled with papers, notebooks and writing implements aplenty! She leaves them for Jake and I to find under our pillows at bedtime! They're so fun at this age! :-)

*CPA* Su said...

What little artists you have on your hands!! I love all of the pictures! I think it's sweet how Emma writes everyone's names on her drawings...so cute!

Unknown said...

I love your girls' drawing. They are so adorable :) I promise it is on my to do list to return the favor. How fun would it be to be able to spend the days coloring again. :)