Wednesday, July 14, 2010


cheerfully vintage teapot and creamer, freshly painted breadbox.
thrifted chair (first seen here), painted funky blue. I like it.
gathering of hoops. The bicycle one was an old t-shirt with which I just couldn't part.
"Happy heart" print by tank&tink. Hi Molly!! :)
I adore birds,
and thrifted plates,
and this collection of loved things that sits on my old beaten-up shelf.
the cozy place.
old shutters? yes please.
green paint+old frames+pretty paper=craft project I love, and one of my favorite things-to-hang-on-a-wall ever.

That's home.

what are some of the favorite things you have in your home?


liza mae said...

seriously Talia, how do find the time to do everything you do? (you either have a great secret, or you are wonder woman) CUTEcutieCUTE decor! you are such an inspiration, i've been meaning to order a tankntink myself....oh how the time flies.....and I just have one girlie!

*CPA* Su said...

*I've been dying to paint my bread box! I might just pay you to do it instead! :)

*That chair looks even more fabulous in funky blue!! And you even distressed it and everything! Impressive!

*I adore birds too! Who doesn't?! ;-)

As for my house...I am actually in the process of getting to decorate my 'new' craft room! One of the good things that came of Kara moving out is that I now get a whole room to sew/craft/whatever in! YAY! So I'll be sure to post pics when it's finished! (yes, that would actually involve me blogging! *gasp!*)

natasha | sohobutterfly said...

I love your house. So cosy, so YOU! The colours are so inviting... that's you too! :o)

Lisa said...

Your house is so cute! I love it every time I come over. It is all so put together feeling.

alyssa said...

Are those little {faux} pussywillow from Michael's? :) I just took a photo of mine yesterday whilst testing out my new camera :)

Talia said...

they're actually real, Alyssa! Back in the spring Sam's Club had bunches of them for really cheap, so I bought some, and then simply put them in vases without water, where they dried perfectly. I love pussywillow. :)

Band of Brothers said...

so delightful! i love it all! you did a wonderful job weaving everything together. your hoops are such a fun idea and that vintage chair is just perfect!

RachelRuelas said...

I adore it ALL! I LOVE your nooks.

.jimaie.marie. said...

I adore your house so much!! everything flows together so nicely and it just seems like such a calm and peaceful place!
I adore every single thing in this post but i REALLY love those shutters!!! I check craigslist all the time for old shutters and window frames but I haven't seen anything since last year (and the 2 I found the sellers wanted way too much!) I am going to have to come visit this home of yours and sit a spell, yes, I think I shall ;)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Kourtni said...

Your house is one of the best. It's beautiful just like you. Love you.

Sara said...

Your home is always so cozy and warm!

Sunny said...

I love your home, it is so warm and welcoming! You know exactly what you like and every little thoughtful touch in your decorating just says "Talia!" Love it. :)

Amy said...

i'm so inspired to make my home more "homey"! my walls are still bare after moving into a new place 6 months ago!! i think you've motivated me now! love the darling decorating!

sarah marie p said...

Too many things to comment on! I love it all! Especially your collection of loved things on your shelf ... your thrifted chair -- and those little hoops! I've been wanting to make a "gathering of hoops" for a while now. Yours are so cute! And that's so fun the bicycle one used to be a t-shirt! Good thing you saved it!