Thursday, November 11, 2010

delightful things.

Well, hello there.
It's been a little while, hasn't it?
I did so well, blogging every day for fashion week.... and then, nothing.
Life called loudly and insistently, and in order to meet it, I had to run, hop skip, and jump away from the internet and all the time-consuming wonders it holds.

But, I'm back today for a wee little bit, just to share with you some happy little things that are making me smile lately. :)

*shopping at Anthropologie. Just the other day, I got to set foot in one of the stores for the first time in years. I may or may not have swooned. And I may or may not have splurged and bought myself something. (I did. just for the record.)

*birthdays. Today is the 21st birthday of a certain dear girl. I'm so excited when lovely people have birthdays, because it's just so much fun to celebrate them. And by "them", I mean the birthday and the person!

*chilly weather. The weather has suddenly and most wonderfully turned cold. This means snuggling up under a thick comforter at night and feeling oh-so-cozy and tucked-away, little girls clad in footsie pajamas, and scarves and sweaters galore. It also means...

*the red cups are back at Starbucks! hooray!

*getting our family pictures taken. It's something we've never done since Rosalie was born. (This was the last time. Quite a lot has changed since then, wouldn't you say?)
Just a bit of a sneak peek for you. I am dying to see the rest of them. Lorie is simply amazing. But more on that later, when I'm able to show you the rest! Eeeep!

*watching Pride and Prejudice (the newer one, with Keira Knightley). It just so happens to be one of my most favorite movies ever. It's so beautifully done. Also: Mr. Darcy. Need I say more?

*writing notes on pretty notecards. Lately I've been taking the time to write more notes, and it's so lovely. I adore the feel of a pen going across the paper with words for someone I love, knowing it might bring a little extra sweetness to their day.

*enjoying some much-needed and longed-for sister time.
My Lyddie-Lou is in town for ten days, and I'm loving every minute of it, as are my girls. We would like to keep Auntie Lydia for always, please.
(If only I could see the rest of my family now, I'd be even happier than happy!)

I look at my happy list and can't help but think how good our God is, even in the little things.

And now, I would love to hear your happy list, my friend!


Tristan said...

Love your list!
Love that movie!!!!
I watched one of the coolest movies based on that book..ahh..I'm gonna have to facebook you when i find it..I LOVED was so neat!

CAN'T WAIT to see all the pics..she is so talented!

Happy List:
Holding baby :)
Having awesome people pray for my Hubby :)

alyssa said...

I looked though the pictures that Lorie posted on FB, they are just so adorable! I can't wait to see more :) I just bought a couple things at Anthro when we were in Portland, I'd never actually bought anything there before because its so pricey. We bought some mugs, a butter dish and a sugar bowl - all which were decently priced, unlike their clothing (lol).

Mommy Diffee said...

I raided the Anthro in San Jose last month and it was AMAZING!!!! I have a very long wish list there LOL So many pretty little things =) You DO have a lot of happy things right now, and reading them made me smile.

molly june. said...

ah, i just love your happy list :) i don't think i ever told you on fb, but your family pics turned out AMAZING! the colors, the scenery, the FAMILY :) stunning. just beautiful!

*CPA* Su said...

red cups and visiting seesters and ADORABLE pictures leaves much for a girl to be delighted about indeed!! =D