Monday, September 22, 2008

At summer's end


I am ready for you, Autumn.

A large furry blanket lays draped over the back of the couch, easily available for evenings of cuddling with husband and children as it grows dark outside and the night air takes on a chill.


A wreath adorned with beautiful things of fall hangs on our front door, as if to beckon this season of all seasons to our very doorstep. (Thanks to my lovely cousins and their sweet mother for the amazing wreath-making supplies... what a fun time with my beloved family)


On my kitchen counter sits a well-stocked tin full of different teas... Tea that will be served in a nice big mug; one that a girl can wrap her hands around so as to soak up every bit of cozy warmth as she sips.


A scented candle burns on my table, filling the whole house with the warm and spicy aroma of baked goods. My "secret sister" from church gave me a gift basket of Wonderful Fall Goodies, which also included a pumpkin scrub. If there is any scent that says "autumn", it is pumpkin, and thus it is a requirement. So, not only does my home smell like the goodness of autumn, my hands and feet do too!


I have a cookbook full of recipes that simply must be made and enjoyed as the weather turns cool. And my craving for all my favorite mouth-watering soup recipes has been held back only by the heat outside. After all, one cannot properly enjoy a steaming bowl of delicious soup when it is over 90 degrees all day long. No, one wants a CHILL in the air for such things. My soup pot has just been waiting to bubble merrily on the stove, and soon it will!


My new furry slippers sit on our bedroom floor, ready for the morning when I awake and find myself cold-- actually cold-- upon throwing back the covers and getting out of bed.


Two little girls and a brand new furry-slip-covered body pillow just beg to be cuddled with on a chilly morning as we all pile into bed together, or as we watch a movie on a rainy day.


Yes, Autumn, I am ready for you and all your abundant blessings.

And when I pulled the comforter up around me early this morning to keep away a chill from our open window...

when I walked through our flower beds and saw the tips of the bushes tinged with fall colors...


when I felt the breeze that blew the curtains wide and it seemed to caress me with pleasant hopes of summer's end...


... I smiled, and I was happy.

I don't know if you are here to stay yet, or if you are merely teasing us with your cool temperatures and delicious breezes, but I shall say it anyway.

Welcome, wonderful Autumn!

I get this way every year about this time... the proof is in this post. Ah, fall, do you see how much I love you??


Lisa said...

Yay! Another Fall fan. :)

Happy Autumn, Talia!

The Thompson Family said...

I just went out and bought 2 fall candles yesterday. One for myself, and one for my secret pal at work. I L-O-V-E fall!

Megan said...

Ohhhh the way you described it all made me love it even more. Thank you, thank you JESUS for the season's change!!

*CPA* Su said...

AHHHH!!! You make it all sound even more wonderful!! Yes, pumpkin scented anything is a requirement to ring in this time of the year!

P.S. Thanks for the recent comment and prayers!! I always love hearing from you and of course appreciate any prayers that come my way!

Morgan said...

What a great post! You succeeded in making me even more excited for fall, and I didn't think that was possible!

You'll have to let me know how the 'secret sister' thing works at church. A group of us in Women's Ministries are brainstorming some ideas and that sounds like a good one!

sarah marie p said...

Aww ... I LOVED this post! How fun! I could seriously comment on every picture you posted ... love the comfy blankets, that cutie wreath, that vintage-lookin tin of tea ... yummm to candles & pumpkin-scented items! ... your girls are so adorable as usual and that soup looks oh so good! And the breeze in your curtains looks so peaceful - I loved seeing my curtains playing in the wind over the weekend. Yay for fall!

Ryan, Angela and Peyton said...

I am ready I am ready I am ready!!! Have you been into William Sanoma lately? They are ready! Now we just need the weather to be ready =)
By the way I changed my blog address

Kourtni said...

Oh wow everything looks so nice!!! I'm totally making soup tonight. It's been long enough. I can't wait. I hear it's going to be in the low 90's during the day later this week, but the nights have been WONDERFUL and the mornings too. The only thing I don't like is that my allergies are kicking up, and I get that way every fall. But I can deal with it for the nicer weather!! Your house looks beautiful!! I am trying to clean today so that I will feel justified in sitting around on the couch later and watching tv while my hunny is at his game. You know I need to gain s'more weight. HAHAHA. Or not.

alyssa said...

I love love love this season!! I love your wreath - I cannot wait to make one for my new front door :) And candles, oh yum! I just made some candles but I must make pumpkin scented ones next!

Lydia said...

everything sounds and looks so delightful! I love fall weather. even some music gets me feeling fallish. I love the evenings when I get my cup of coffee, grab a blanket and go bum out on the coach, while you see the trees blowing in the breeze outside. It's absolutely fantastic!

Band of Brothers said...

your girls look adorable.

and so interesting... just yesterday i was looking around and the lighting looked different. my eyes could tell it was a different season, even if my head did not know it yet. and then john came home and told me it was fall. everything started to make sense!

so yes, welcome FALL!!!

Jerusha Abigail said...

yay for autumn!!( i prefer autumn to just sounds so much prettier doesnt it?) definitely my favorite season. the cooler weather, the crisp clear mornings, the fall colors, pumpkin definitely! your wreath is so pretty! i want to cuddle up with your girlies and that blanket and pillow!!
sometime soon, we're gonna take a weekend to go camping in the mountains and see all the fall colors! so yay for that!
i love you, sister!

Ashlei Paige said...

I loved this blog!!! It was soo stinkin cute!!! =] Happy Fall Happy happy fall fall.

Sunny said...

I am excited for fall too! Who wouldn't be with the long summers we have here? You're always so good at decorating. I wish I could take some of that inspiration from you!

Steph Corwin said...

I read this last week and never got around to commenting, but after I read it I went out and bought myself an autumn smelling candle :) I just love fall so much as well!