Thursday, April 5, 2012

oh, children. {#3}

I can't believe it's been since October of last year that I posted about the funny things my girls say! Sadly, I know there have been many moments that made us laugh that didn't get written down for this blog, but here is a collection of some of them. Photobucket

Annabelle is standing at the fridge, playing with some magnets, and Emma comes up behind her, stands for a minute, and then spanks her behind. Annabelle turns, surprised, and Emma politely says, in a thick French accent, "Merci, for letting me spank you. Eet was lovely."

It made the whole thing so classy, that I don't even think Annabelle minded.
One morning I applied a thick green face mask before I took my shower. Rosalie came into the bathroom, took one look at me and exclaimed, "Mommy, you look like dina-soar!" teehee. Rawr.
Emma and Annabelle are eating lunch, being their usual silly selves, and I'm listening from the sink, because it's always entertaining, and this is what I hear:
Emma: Guess what, I'm inside an apple right now.
Annabelle: Really?
E: yes, and guess what else. THERE ARE WORMS IN HERE.
A: That's disgusting. You should leave.
I'm sitting at the table after breakfast, when Rosalie comes running up.
"Mommy, mommy, can I have some ooh-ooh-x-y-z?"
I stare blankly at her, trying to figure out what in the world this might mean.
She points to the mug in my hand. "can I have some? ooh-ooh-x-y-z?"
Then it clicks. "Oh! You want some of my tea? Is that what you mean? Tea?"
She nods. "Yes. T."

I love how in her little brain, it obviously made complete sense. X, Y, and Z are letters. So is T. How could I not understand? Duh, mom. :) (not sure why the ooh-ooh is there, but I'm sure she had a good reason for that too!)
We had just gotten home from church one Sunday and were walking through the garage to go inside, when Annabelle says, out of the blue:

"so, what's going on with this short ladder?"

There WAS a stepladder she had just walked past. But it was so random, so casual, so completely unexpected and irrelevant, and so FUNNY how she said it that we all burst out laughing. Maybe you had to be there. But trust me. This kid is funny without trying.
Now, "the short ladder" is kind of a running joke around our house!
One Sunday after church I was asking the girls what they learned about in Sunday school, what they did, were they good girls, etc. Rosalie, who recently joined the youngest class, had to pipe in her share too, of course. "Um, we learned 'bout a baby." Pauses. "Then, we all gave God a hug!"

Naturally. Why, what do you do in Sunday school?
While shopping, in a store that was quite hot and stuffy, Emma says to me, as she fans her hand in front of her face vigorously: "I am so hot right now that I would happily and in a heartbeat visit the place where the penguins live!"
When my brother, Uncle Elijah, comes to visit, there are always lots of funny jokes flying around (well, maybe only funny to us... but still.), and the kids especially always have a hilarious time. One afternoon when he had come up for the weekend, and we were trying to convince Rosalie to take a nap, he happened to us the word "nappy-poo." As in, "don't you want to go take a little nappy-poo now?" Coming from him, the older girls thought this was quite amusing.
So, that night at dinner, when going to bed was mentioned, Annabelle looked at her uncle and asked, "Yeah, don't you want to take a little bedtime-poo?"
Just say it out loud. Doesn't have quite the same ring as "nappy-poo", does it??

We laughed a lot. I know, our maturity is astounding.
Me: "Rosalie, do you want to go somewhere with Mommy tonight while Emma and Annabelle are at AWANA?"
Her, with an excited smile on her face: "Yeah!!!"
She thinks for a moment, her face more serious, and then she lights up again. "Oh!!! Are we going to DISNEYLAND??"

I couldn't help but feel that telling her our destination was, in fact, Target and Yogurtland would be a slight let-down...
Emma and Annabelle were in the bathroom brushing teeth and combing hair, when I overheard this conversation:
E: Hey, have you ever been to Fairyland and seen all the cupcakes?
A: No, I haven't. But I did go there and I did see Tinkerbell.
E: Well, I went there and saw the cupcakes (there are soooo many of them). But guess what else I saw.
A (eyes wide): What???
E: I saw a BALD Tinkerbell. She had no hair!
A: Oh my goodness. I can't believe that. Are you sure it wasn't just pink or something??
E: Nope. She was definitely bald. I felt bad for her.

I.... have no idea what to say about this. heh.
These crazy, silly, wild, imaginative, weird, funny kids of mine. What goofy girls I have.
Life with kids.
It's never short on laughter, thank goodness!


mary jo said...

Tears are running down my face right now from laughing so hard!!

Danae said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Talia, it's always a pleasure!!! :D

Tristan said...

oh goodness!!! tooooo funny!
such cute girls!