Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the yellow shirt.

wow, day 5 already! this week is flying right on by. Today is Wednesday, which means: craziness. I always feel like I never get to castch my breath on Wednesdays, but always, at the end of day when I look back and see all we've gotten done and all the lovely things that happened, I don't mind being out of breath.

Today I wore one of my favorite shirts.
This yellow shirt has kind of a funny story... one of Lydia's good friends, Kristen, came to visit her here once, about a year and a half ago, and she wore this shirt. I loved it so much that I joked about stealing it from her (don't worry, I didn't.) Then, a few months ago, my other sister Jerusha, who lives in the same town as this friend, received it in a bag of clothes that Kristen didn't want anymore and gave to her. Jerusha remembered my affinity for this yellow shirt, and promptly mailed it to me. Such a happy set of serendipitous circumstances! I always knew this yellow shirt and I were fated to be together.

...and I didn't even have to resort to stealing!

yellow shirt: f21, hand-me-down
navy shorts: kohl's clearance
shoes: vintage, thrifted

I must also say a little something about these shoes.
I found them when I was visiting one of my favorite antique stores here in town... turns out some little old lady had given her entire shoe collection to this store-- trunkfuls of shoes from the 50's on, in all different styles and colors! and wouldn't you know, she and I are exactly the same size of feet. It was quite difficult to choose just one pair, but these are the ones I came away with that day, and I love them. Soon, I must go back and dig through the treasure trove of shoes that waits for me. I know there's more that I simply MUST have. :)

a very happy Wednesday to you all, my dears!

day 5 link list, at Emery's blog (she looks so charming today!). the loveliness never stops.

ps. thanks to Miss Emma Joy for being such a wonderful photographer for her mama today! :)


bandofbrothers said...

dying over your shoes...i just bought my first vintage pair of shoes a few weeks ago and they kinda hurt my feet. but my boys love trampling around the house in them, so i figure it was a $5 well spent! and that dresser is too awesome! you look amazing as usual!

Tristan said...

yellow is totally your color!

Lea said...

Your hair looks AMAZING!! Gosh! You're pretty!

Emery Jo said...

those shoes are incredible!! i love the muted colors and the shape and the buckle and OH! I am smitten.

Ruthy said...

What a beautiful yellow shirt!

Erin said...

That shirt is awesome and those shoes!!!! Amazing. You look great!

Caitlin said...

those shoes are to die for!!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love that top! the color looks amazing on you. :)

autumn said...

that color is just perfect on you. . . seriously swooning over this whole look.