Tuesday, September 27, 2011

magical dentists and big brown eyes.

it is day four, and today we went to the dentist!
a repaired filling for me, a filling for Emma, and a cleaning for Emma and Annabelle. They were champs. But the best part of all? Our dentist does magic! The girls are always blown away by his tricks and talk about for days afterwards. I'm all for it... anything that makes the dentist seem fun is a good thing! :)

It's actually pretty warm today again... but since the dentist's office always runs a little bit cold, I took advantage of that fact and wore a cardigan. wheee! I do love cardigans.

stripey cardigan: target
black tank top: target clearance
cut-offs: seven for all mankind, found at Plato's Closet for super cheap.
floral sandals: target clearance (there's a lot of target up in here today)
flower earrings (you can't see them very well here but they're quite cute): f21
pearl bracelets: gift

Rosalie was hanging around while I was taking these pictures and wanted some pictures of her own, so I happily complied. This girl has quite a mind of her own already when it comes to what she wears, and she picked out today's outfit, from the skirt to the headband. She looks rather adorable, don't you think?

those brown eyes, they get me everytime.

and here's the link list for today. hasn't this been fun so far??


E said...

That's one stylish little girl. Love your stripes! I'm always up for an excuse to wear a cardigan.

Emery Jo said...

so cute- both of you! And your hair is just BEAUTIFUL.

Lea said...

I am liking your cardigan!! Don't you just love great dentists?! Makes the visits so much better.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

what an awesome cardigan!

Tristan said...

you look super cute in stripes!!

i love fashion week..because you blog everday!!

Christina said...

About 70% of my wardrobe probably comes from Target...hahaha. Love the cardigan! Very cute :)

bandofbrothers said...

you look so lovely and thin!

and my goodness, her eyes are doing me in all together! she is so so so so so cute!

Sarah said...

her eyes are gorgeous!!!!