Thursday, September 29, 2011

featuring a very lovely little girl.

Fashion week, day 6! tomorrow is the last day, I can hardly believe it. Aren't you all going to be sad when it's over? I will be, although wow is it a stretch for me to blog EVERYDAY. Have you noticed how my posts keep getting later and later? Um, there's a reason I only blog once every three weeks! hehehe. But this week has been so fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Today's outfit doesn't seem very "fall-ish" probably, but perhaps that is because it was quite hot and summery outside. I snapped this picture as we were out the door to go buy groceries. (yes, again. I buy a lot of groceries, apparently!)

cream tank top: tj maxx
lacy top with ruffles: kohl's clearance
skinny jeans: Paide denim, marshall's
messenger bag: target clearance
nude flats: Payless clearance
rosette headband: Etsy
Isn't this headband the cutest? One of my friends makes these, and they're amazing. Please do yourself a favor and go check out her shop, Pocketful of Zoe, on Etsy. Her name is Alisha and she's not only quite talented, but also a lovely sweetheart. I already want to buy more from her. One of each, if you please. :) I love it when friends of mine open Etsy shops! it's just so much fun to buy beautiful things from people I know and admire. 

and now, lest you are tired of looking at pictures of me, I give you the fabulous Emma, who asked if she "could do a fashion post too?" She carefully chose her dress and the shoes to match just so, and adorned her hair with her favorite flower just for the occasion.
I think her look is sweetly fresh and floral.
work it, Emma Joy, work it.
Sometimes I can't believe this lovely creature is my daughter. Such a blessing.
Sweet girl of mine. oh, I'm thankful.

day 6 links. Now that I'm actually on the computer, I need to go see what everyone else is wearing today! whee!


molly june. said...

ow!ow! i think this one's my fave. the headband, the braid, the jeans, the top. YESH. and that cute little darlin' at the end. she's SO CUTE :)

Caitlin said...

both of you are beautiful!
love the braid with that outfit.

Emery Jo said...

so amazing!! those nude flats are to DIE for! did you get them recently? oh and emma is the cutest little fashonista ever! sweetheart.

Lea said...

Ooo! I am liking all the light colors. You girls are prettY!

That headband is also super cute!

katie said...

that's a fun headband, and your little girl is a doll. =)