Sunday, September 25, 2011

two sisters.

day two of fashion week!
and today, it's only 80 degrees, as opposed to 100.
I rejoice.

I'm going to get my outfit for today out of the way first, because then I have something even better to share with you!
lacy camisole: charlotte russe
cream tank top: TJ Maxx
skirt: american eagle, from Plato's Closet (I bought this one years ago, back when I was skinny and could actually wear it down around my waist. haha.)
belt: thrifted
boots: vintage Nine West, thrifted.

I asked my sister Lydia, who lives with us, if she would be in today's post too. She always looks cute, and today the yellow she had on was too good not to share.
yellow tank: J Crew, hand-me-down
jeans: Calvin Klein, hand-me-down
yellow heels: Qupid, hand-me-down.
(can I get a hooray for hand-me-downs?? they're the best! holla for a FREE outfit that looks amazing!)

did I just use the word "holla"?
I don't know what's come over me.


isn't she adorable?

I loveth her muchly.
thanks for helping me out with fashion week today, Lyddie-lou. Your pretty face is welcome on my blog anytime!

stepping away from fashion for just a wee little moment, I must say I'm so glad today is Sunday. we had a wonderful church service this morning, followed by a yummy lunch, tonight we're going to have dinner with dear family, and as I sit here typing this, my husband's band is making some pretty awesome music in our garage. God is so good, and I am grateful for this day.

I hope all of you have a lovely Sunday as well. I'm off to peruse all of your fabulous looks!

day two link list!


Katy said...

oh how adorable! and your sunday sounds AMAZING! i love Sundays especially after a great church service! enjoy the rest of your sabbath! ;-)

lexi said...

two beautiful ladies! I love the yellow heels, too cute! Your skirt is perfect, you look beautiful in it!

Jessica said...

Your outfit is super cute, especially the belt! I love the picture of you and your sister. Two beautiful ladies!

bandofbrothers said...

you two adorable for words! really!

and LOL about your holla comment. it's the gangsta coming out of you fo' shizzle. i've almost slipped a few times on my blog...

Molly said...

I love the touch of lace at the neck and your skirt is really cute.

You look so comfortable in front of the camera. Your shots are so adorable.

Tristan said...

you two look adorable!!! Love your looks!

Lea said...

Aww sissies! You look great today!

E said...

I love those vintage nine west boots. And the ruffles on your tank are so fun!

Emery Jo said...

those boots are an amazing find! they pair perfectly with the cute belt too! so very pretty as always.

Manda said...

you both are so beautiful. love the outfits. that skirt, belt and boots are great. and love the yellow tank with the yellow shoes.

KristinChaos said...

You both look beautiful! Plus, I love those boots!

autumn said...

So cute and you look like a hotter Lisa Loeb- seriously! So adorable and lovely, those boots. . .

Peace Love and Leener said...

You slightly remind me of Lisa Loeb, which is a GOOD thing. Adorable! Both of you!

Charlotte said...

oh. man. I want your sister's yellow heels. Like, I would snatch them off her feet. They are the cutest!

And sisters and hand-me-downs are two of the world's greatest things. I counted during last year's fall fashion and the vast majority of my clothes are hand me downs!

molly june. said...

you two are the cutest! seriously. (funny story, i have that skirt! and just for kicks tried it on the other day thinking it might just go under my big ol' bump. HAHAAA. no zip for me. couldn't even budge the dang zipper at all. got a good laugh outta that one! let's laugh again! bahHAHAA!) i just loooooove fashion week. cruising all the outfits is my fave :) MISS YOU!!!! XO

*CPA* Su said...

I busted out my brand new brown boots for church yesterday too...SO excited it was FINALLY cool enough to wear them! :) (And I may or may not have them on again today at work...hey no one from today saw me yesteday! ;-)

OH and I can't wait to hear Jeremy's band next Sunday...and hopefully get to see YOU! :)