Monday, September 26, 2011

12 minutes.

that's how long I have before the link list closes over at Emery's blog. ooooops, today got away from me!

It was a good day though. Very low-key, filled with lots of schoolwork, laundry folding, kitchen-cleaning, straightening up the house after a crazy weekend and a piano lesson or two as well. I love being home all day, especially when I haven't gotten to do just that in quite some time. And since I was home all day, my outfit was super casual. Truth be told, I didn't even shower and get dressed in these clothes until 4:00 this afternoon. I am not ashamed to own that I love pajamas and will happily stay in them if I can.

Seeing as it is FASHION week, however, I will refrain from showing you the beloved jammies.

Here I am, in CLOTHES.

tank top: ross dress for less
crocheted sweater: f21
cropped jeans: plato's closet
gold flip-flops: Old Navy
earrings: target clearance

I love the striping on this sweater and the pretty colors.
bright colors make me happy.

something else that makes me happy? messy hair-dos that take all of  five minutes to accomplish, especially when one has left themselves hardly anytime at all before a piano student will be knocking on their door and one really doesn't want to have to answer the door with a towel on one's head.

I have actually had to do that before.

I'm very professional, obviously.

happy day 3 (waaaaay late) to you all! here's the link list! 


bandofbrothers said...

i am in LOVE with your crochet sweater. seeing how you are a fashion ad, and all then you wouldn't mind if i bought one too, riiiiiiight?

tooo funny about the whole towel on head.

Lea said...

I am loving your crocheted sweater!!!! It is adorable!

katie said...

that is such a great sweater. and i really like your sweet little earrings.

*CPA* Su said...

Well I'm joining the crowd to say I LOVE that sweater!!!! :) Super cute!

Charlotte said...

It's a sweater... it's a vest... but it's not a sweater vest! Amazing. ;)

autumn said...

I missed this outfit but I love it. Hippy, boho beauty. Also, I am your newest follower :)