Friday, September 30, 2011

wrapping it up.

with a pretty red scarf and some red lips to match. Photobucket
cream cotton top: kohl's clearance
jeans: GAP
boots: target clearance
scarf: a gift from my brother when he was on deployment in Afghanistan (he sent me a box containing seventeen scarves he had bought from street markets there!)
brooch: thrifted
confession: I didn't actually wear the boots and the scarf today. It was far too warm. But I dreamed about wearing them!
with a beautiful friend who looks so pretty in pink that I just had to share. This is my most favorite Ashlei (as I like to call her), and she's wonderful and always looks adorable too. She came over for coffee this morning! It was lovely. I heart her.
polka-dot sunglasses: f21
tank top: walmart (so cute!)
cardigan: hand-me-down

with a sweet little blondie wearing a cute lil ballerina.
my darling pixie Annabelle. She, like her sister, wanted to be a part of fashion week too. But she, unlike her sister, doesn't like to smile and work it for the camera. but her little shy and tentative smile is just as wonderful.
Sometimes all it take a is a good spin in a twirly skirt to bring out the joy on her face.
This girl melts my heart.

sigh. I can't believe it's the last day of fashion week! It's truly been so. much. fun. And so good for me to think outside the box on what's in my closet! I feel like I have a fresh new take on my wardrobe!
Thanks to each and every one of you lovely ladies for all your kind, sweet,  gracious, make-me-smile-and-sometimes-blush comments. I hope you know how much they meant to me, and how much I really do appreciate it. Honestly. I really wanted to get around to commenting on everyone's blogs, especially those who left ones for me, but unfortunately my google account is somehow messed up and won't let me comment on certain blogs. (psh. technology.) So if I didn't get to come tell you this week, just know this:

I think you're fabulous and beautiful.


and to prove that fact, here is the link list from today.

the end.


*CPA* Su said...

I'm not gonna lie, while you look COMPLETELY darling, I was definitely wondering if you are actually crazy enough to wear the scarf & boots in this muggy 95 degree weather! ;-)

Also, what kind of foundation do you wear? I've been asking everyone lately...seeking the "perfect" one!

i'm lindsey. said...

beautiful, JUST beautiful. EACH day i was so excited to see what you would wear :) thanks for all your posts!!!!!!! i know you are a busy busy momma, but it was fun to read your blog each day :)
and i am SO glad you added the girlies. leave it to talia to give her own little twist of creativity - even with fall fashion week :)

E said...

The brooch on the scarf is such a fun touch. I love it, especially with the red pop on your lips. You look fab!

bandofbrothers said...

goodness! babe alert! you are a hotty!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you look STUNNING! and i absolutely adore your broach!

Tristan said...

how sad that its over! i suppose we will hear from you again around Nov? spoiled us!!

I would never think to put boots with capris..looks so cute on you!

and that little girl of yours..too cute!

molly june. said...

BRAVO!!!! way to end with a BANNNNG!!!!!

you are HOT.
those red lips?
can i say that here?
oops. i did.
[well those red lips deserve that word.]



Ashlei Paige said...

this is my favorite day!!! Not because I'm in it...hehe okay that doesnt hurt but, WOAH MAMA!!! Those lips!!! Ha-Cha-cha!!!!

Lea said...

Wow! You are all cuties, and that is one pretty scarf!

katie said...

that brooch is beautiful! and i love that your brother sent you a whole box of scarves -- that's very sweet. =)

sarah marie p said...

I love this look! You look great in red lipstick! That scarf + top are both really darling. And the boots. And that brooch. Ok, I love it all!