Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day: happy.

Here I sit, all tucked up in bed, my husband and my puppy a-sleeping peacefully beside me. I am tired, but happy. Mother's Day is almost over, and it was lovely. Simple. Quiet. Restful. My dear family, all of them, was so kind to me...They made this mama feel special.

It's a wondrous thing, being a mother. As much as my kids can drive me crazy sometimes, and as challenging as it might be, it's something I can't imagine NOT being. I'm realizing this more and more every day, as I watch my children grow and change, getting little glimpses of who they will be when they're all grown up. They fascinate me, and astound me, and I'm sometimes blown away by the fact that I get to be their mother. I'm so thankful for these three little human beings whom God sent into my world to change me, grow me, and bless me beyond measure.
 I'm also very thankful for this man, my husband, who helps me everyday in my job and loves me like no other. He's my other half, and I couldn't do it without him. And, as I discovered tonight, he makes really yummy spinach and ham in a heavenly cream sauce.
 (side note: he's awfully good-looking, cooking in the kitchen. my goodness.)

This picture of my own mother sits on our bookshelf. It's one of my favorites. Isn't she beautiful? Many years later, of course, she looks much different, but she is still beautiful... in so many ways. I can honestly say my mother is one of the most wonderful, godly, and inspiring women I know, and I am thankful for her. I am thankful for all she has done and still does for her children, for her example of serving the Lord, for her love for her family, and for the fact that she is here with us.

Yes, this mother's day was a very happy one, filled with many sweet joys. But for all that, it was a little bittersweet, for I couldn't help but think of those who were surrounded by hardship today. Yesterday, a family with eight children lost their mother, unexpectedly and suddenly. A husband lost his wife. Little children lost their grandma. It breaks my heart to think of it... Will you please pray for the DePriest family, friends? Thank you, I know they must need all the comfort and support they can get right now, and I know every prayer on their behalf will be heard.

Well, in the time that it's taken me to write this post, mother's day is now over. But still, I want to wish all you just-so-lovely-and-wonderful moms out there a happy mother's day, for I hope that you will feel loved and appreciated for all you do and find happiness in this grand work of ours every day.
To those of you who are not yet mothers but so desire to be, I hope and pray you too will get to have this joy in your life... and I so look forward to wishing you a happy mother's day, someday. :)
And to the ones who no longer have their mothers here with them, all my heart goes out to you and I pray you will find all the peace and comfort you will ever need.


Tristan said...

so glad yo had a wonderful mother's day!!!

will be praying for that family.

molly june. said...

reading all of the mother's day tributes totally makes me cry! being a mother is such a gift. AHHH! we are so blessed! xoxo

i'm lindsey. said...

talia!!!!! what a sweet momma you are :)
maryjo was SO beautiful in that picture!!! wow, she has come so far in the last couple years, SUCH a sentimental time, praise the LORD :)
i could just nibble on rosie's legs. they're nummy.

Kayla said...

Oh Talia how I love this post! You are a spectacular mother and God has indeed truly blessed you with a WONDERFUL family!
I have seen this photo of your mama before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing it again! Such beauty and she is indeed a inspiring beautiful lady! LOVE YOU ALL

bandofbrothers said...

what an amazing and wonderful post. thank you, dear girl, for all that you wrote.

Lauryn said...

You always make those of us who aren't yet mothers so look forward to that role! I'm glad you had a lovely mother's day!