Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artistic Endeavors of the Little Girl Kind, Vol. 3

It's been a very long time since I've done a post featuring the drawings of my leetle arteests. (that's a French accent. in case you couldn't tell.) Since 2009, to be exact! woah.
Vol. 1, March 2009
Vol. 2, November 2009

I think it's high time for another peek inside the colorful world of art with Emma and Annabelle, don't you?

They still love their pen-and-ink drawings, and they still manage to cram such detail into their pictures.
Here are a few of Emma's:
Looks to me like this little lass is dreaming of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!
I spy: an octopus, a "mermaid changing room", a fish in a net, a happy whale-spout rider, and a clam shell.
Perhaps these girls are swimming to the mermaid's home far under the sea?

According to the artist, this is a picture of three sisters, "and one of them is the crazy one." Hmm, can you guess which one?
I love the patterns on our painter-girl's dress. And the look the boy is giving her.

They do love to put some color in their drawings too. Take for example the dress on this chica that Emma drew:
When Annabelle decides to make things colorful, she just goes for it. All or nothing. These next ones are some of my favorites of hers, they're just so happy and whimsical.
I'm not quite sure what these are in all honesty. Camels swimming? Horses picnicing? Your guess is as good as mine.
Cutest jungle animals EVER.
Of course we must have our fairies!

Sometimes, they like to paint!
Still life in fruit. watercolor.
mmm, "Yumy!" :)

And sometimes, Emma surprises me by doing something completely outside her usual style, such as this little Indian girl:
Or like this cut-out picture, which she said is supposed to "look like a paper doll picture".
I discovered this in a notebook she had been using... too precious.

One day, they got out the ruler and used it to make nice and neat little houses.
The girl on the left is Emma, the other one is Annabelle... check out that twirling jump! Impressive. Do you see Violet on her leash too?
Annabelle's people wanted to live in a "rainbow house", and that is just what they got. I'm sure they're very happy in their home. Just look at all those smiling faces at the window!

It's so interesting to me how very different their styles are. Emma's art is precise and proper, imaginative in a realistic yet fanciful sort of way. Annabelle's style is wandering and wild, filled with whimsy and her very own brand of fancy. Their pictures are such a perfect representation of their different personalities... I just love it!

I'm very excited to introduce to you, for the first time ever on this blog, the artwork of Miss Rosalie-roo! She's gotten to an age where she'll actually sit and color sometimes too, although it's never for very long... but it's the cutest thing to see her head bent to one side over her paper and her dimpled little fists holding on tight to her crayon.
I call this one Study in Black and White with Kitty-Cat and Little Bits of Jam.

While Emma and Annabelle's favorite thing to draw is usually people and scenes, every once in a while they will dabble in the world of abstract art.
These masterpieces will be going up for auction soon, and I'm thinking they'll fetch MILLIONS. The American public doesn't know what they've been missing!

These last ones were done during school one day. We were reading in history about Christopher Columbus and his three ships that "sailed the ocean blue in 1492", so we learned how to draw an old-fashioned ship.
Well, Emma did, anyway. After several attempts Annabelle decided to keep it simple and draw a rowboat instead, with her and her daddy in it, journeying across the ocean with their fine feathered friends to keep them company.
I don't know about you, but I would gladly climb into either of these vessels and sail away, away, away... to many wonders and delights and adventures that have yet to be imagined and drawn for all to see...


i'm lindsey. said...

do you know how talented they are????

they get it from their momma :)

i, too, love to see their different personalities jump out in their drawings!!!

you better frame some of these and hang them up in their room :)

thanks for sharing, i've missed seeing their artwork (seriously some of my favortie posts of yours!!!)


Anna Banana said...

So these are much better than I can or will ever be able to do! I am quite impressed girls

Alyssa said...

Their art is SO good! These had me smiling for a good 10 minutes, thank you ;)

bandofbrothers said...

these are just AMAZING! if i were you I would frame them and plaster them all over my house! i plan on framing some of my boys' work eventually...when we move out of star wars mania:)

LOL about Violet on her leesh! toooooo darling!

and the jungle one of annabelle is also a personal favorite! i'm bidding on that one! and the little indian girl...and the abstract art by emma...the list could go on and on!

and so excited to see the debut of miss rosalie-roo! what a fine artist she already is! too adorable.

K said...

wow. Your girls are seriously talented! I love that it comes so easily to them and I really hope, for their sake, that they never lose their sense of whimsy and wonder, especially when it comes to this artwork!! :) I was wondering - do you do this as part of your homeschooling or is this just in their free time? I read that you sort of influenced the ship drawing with your lesson, but are the rest of them just products of their imagination? i swear your little annabelle is going to grow up to be a fashion designer :) i hope i can encourage my kids creativity someday the way that you do yours!! thank you for sharing!