Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Artistic Endeavors of the Little Girl Kind, Vol. 2

(to see vol. 1, and take a peek at how much their artwork has changed in the past 8 months, click here)

On any given day, if you came into our house, this is most likely what you would see:
Two little girls sitting on their barstools, crayons or markers or pens or pencils (they don't care) in hand. Papers upon papers scattered across the surface of the bar. Curly-haired heads bent in concentration as they dream and imagine stories and scenes on a canvas all their own.

Seriously, this is what our countertop looks like almost all. the. time. I hardly even bother to make them put their drawing things away anymore, instead settling for neat stacks of paper and crayons in the container at the end of the day. Because, without fail, these two girls will be back to color and draw throughout the day. It's a constant in their lives.

And what, you may ask, are they so busy creating? Allow me to share with you some (ok, a lot) of Emma and Annabelle's latest contributions to our own personal Art Museum of Imagination.
(side note: as I type this at the computer desk Emma stands by me, drawing on a piece of paper that lay on the desk. So far she has birds, a rose bush, a bunny rabbit, and two little girls taking shape. She came over here to look at what I was doing and, I can only surmise, was seized with an uncontrollable need to FILL THAT BLANK SHEET OF PAPER. NOW. It's what she does.)

As you might know, we are all about princesses and fairies over here. And we have no shortage of drawings of those very things.

Annabelle's Snow White:
Emma's (love the thought bubble with the witch in it):

Annabelle's Ariel:
Emma's, also featuring Cinderella and Flounder:

and where is Annabelle's Cinderella? Why, she's right here, bustin' a move and gettin' down with her bad self:

Also in the princess catergory, by Emma, we have Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip:
and Belle too:
Here are all the princesses, gathered together on one page:

Annabelle's Jasmine:

We've gone through a fairy obsession phase, thanks to the Tinkerbell movie. I'm not sure what is going on in this scene of Emma's, or what the red fairy (Rosetta) is wondering... but it's cute!
Annabelle's Rosetta:
Do you notice how Emma's drawings are all detail and exactness, and Annabelle's are more whimsical and quirky? I love it. Totally goes along with their personalities!

Annabelle's Tinkerbell:

While I love seeing how well they can replicate their favorite characters and stories on paper, I think my favorite drawings of theirs are the ones that are completely their own, from their own ideas and imaginations. Like this adorable little super-hero boy of Annabelle's:

Or this Dick-and-Jane-esque couple of Emma's:

They really do love to create scenes that have stories to go with them. I can only hope that this dinner-time picture of Emma's isn't taken TOO much from real life-- there's a lot happening here! :)
I can only imagine the story behind this swanky-looking party of Annabelle's. Oh, the glamor! Check out those evening gowns!

One day Emma drew this picture:
and it got them started on a kick of drawing clothes hanging up. Annabelle, of course, had to follow in big sister's footsteps, giving it her own unique style. Love the yellow clothes!

I'd have to say that this next picture of Emma's may very well be one of my all-time favorites.
There is just SO MUCH to see in this picture. The detail astounds me! Wait a minute, is that a little robot I see in the corner over there...?
Ha! It is! I asked Emma why the robot was there and she informed me that "the little brother dressed up as a robot since he wanted to be by his sisters." Sneaky!

Sometimes, though, I can't really get an explanation for the things I see in their pictures. When I asked Annabelle what was hanging off the dresser in this bedtime picture she answered me "Um... they're just hanging things."
Ok, then, that works!

This next one of Emma's is pretty self-explanatory, obviously: it's Mommy out shopping with her three girls!
I do love how Annabelle is just kickin' back underneath the cart. (I don't actually make her ride down there, I promise.)

As a child, I don't remember ever drawing as much as my girls do. I loved to draw, but I don't think I dedicated so much of my day to doing so like Emma and Annabelle to. Maybe I have some future artists on my hands! But whatever the reason for their obvious love of drawing right now, I treasure and enjoy it. It's a peek inside their minds, a wondering look at the world through their childish eyes...

... and I am more than happy to have my countertops and my life graced with such things as starry princesses and colorful castles of crayon.


Mom said...

These are absolutely amazing pictures!! The details are incredible! I would love some larger ones, framed, to hang in the office. Talia, my dear, I am sorry to break it to you, but you were not this good at their age, perhaps because your mother didn't provide you with the tools, time, and encouragement:)

Sunny said...

Oh my word, your girls both draw better than I do! My boys like to draw more and more now and their drawings have evolved a little and improved but they are still no where near as good as your girls! Which is fine of course, but it is astounding to see how different kids are and what their skills and abilities are. :) This is inspiring me though to make sure I keep some of the better ones they draw and send them to family members. I think everyone's fridge should be adorned with children's drawings. :)

Cheeziemommie said...

Yah those girls of yours have some serious artistic talent! I am HORRIBLE at drawing! I am so impressed!

Mommy Diffee said...

Wow ... that is all I can say ... WOW! Talia this is a beautiful post and I love it. Your girls are seriously tallented!

alyssa said...

This made me laugh and go "awww" at the same time. Is it just me or are those really good drawings for those wee little girls?? So totally CUTE!

Sarah said...

What darling little drawings (they are so good!) These are going to be so great to show them when they are older :)

caitlyn said...

I think I need to come over so they can show me how to draw! I'm amazed! I think my favorite is Annabelle at the bottom of the cart haha. That's probably where Stephanie wanted me too. Us poor middle children ;).

*CPA* Su said...

These are WONDERFUL Talia!! Such talent these young girls of your's have!

I think my favorite is the Mom w/ 3 girls shopping...I love your clarification of it too! Someone was surely to call CPS on you without it! ;-)

Thanks for sharing all of them!

Tristan said...

oh, the talent! they are just sooo cute!

Cheri said...

I'm glad mine is not the only house that looks like that! ;) And I'm glad that the people in your girls' pictures do not have necks, just as none of ours do! LOL
Very, very cute....and Emma - you'd beeter start saving for art school!!

sufferingsummer said...

wow. these are phenomenal. I am completely blown away! My daughters love to draw but I'm only just now even able to recognize anything as more than a round head with two eyes a nose and a smiley face...
I wouldn't want to throw out a single one...I'd have to take out a storage space just to store every little scrap of paper...beautiful and way to go Mama for making the environment one that is obviously so conducive to their style!

Lindsey Leif said...

TALIA!!!!!!! coming from someone who works with 450+ students everyday, I HAVE to tell you, your girls have GOT TALENT!!!!! wowza, I can not believe the details, I seriously want to show these to our art teacher, A) because they are so cute B) because they are more like 3rd grade ability and C) because i L.O.V.E. annabelle's attention to the chest on ariel the mermaid - i totally laughed out loud when I saw that :)

Band of Brothers said...

UM, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW~! These are incredible!Their artwork is AMAZING! And adorable. I was totally chuckling from some of Annabelle's precious renderings. Keep those girls coloring!

Seriously, our kids would be a match made in heaven, because all my boys do is color all day too!

Jacqueline Pearce said...

They are wonderful Talia! I think you really do have some budding artists on your hands.

Lauryn said...

I am seriously impressed by your girls' artwork! They are very talented!

And I love that first photo. It looks like it should be in a magazine or something! :)

.jimaie.marie. said...

my boys like to draw but I so wish they LOVED to draw like your's and Davi's boys!! SO PRECIOUS!
I love this artwork and like you said the details are seriously impressive!! I dont think I've ever seen a little person draw pictures of clothes hanging up before, I think you're going to have some little fashionistas on your hands Talia! LOL!!
I love these.