Thursday, March 31, 2011

sweet thursday.

i woke up to rosalie crying in her crib because she had dropped her stuffed puppy, and the real puppy barking in the kitchen.
then we lingered over breakfast, the sister and I listening to music on my laptop and the girls reading library books.
some schoolwork was done, and someone lovely brought us starbucks iced tea. violet peed on the floor. then she pooped on the floor. the girls argued back and forth, over i know not what.
but then, we all packed up into the van, and we drove to the park, where there was no carpet for the pup to potty on and no reason for my children to fight.
three of my favorite people and i sat in the sun until it was too warm. talking. laughing. eating. enjoying each other while the kids played in the delicious spring weather.
we came home to a nap for a tired rosalie, and five piano students for me. we picked recital songs. i'm excited for may.

rosalie woke up from her nap a grumpy-pants. we sat outside on the patio for a while, with the late afternoon sun hitting our faces just right. cuddling. smooching. me soaking up my baby.
my hair was super frizzy today. i tried to put it up, but it wouldn't stay. strands escaping everywhere. but i gave myself a little braid and decided not to care, and felt cute anyway.
the husband came home. i love when he comes home. dinner was subway sandwiches, and i listened to songs from 500 days of summer while i drove home. i looked at the sun as it was setting, so orange and brilliant and lovely as it slipped into the horizon.
emma and annabelle made paper plate dolls (their idea, not mine) and gave them names. and cute lil' napkin dresses.
meet melinda abigail, and her friend, ella giselle.
i baked butterscotch cookies for the band boys who were making music out in the garage. my dirty, sandy, sun-soaked children needed baths and showers while they were in the oven.
rosalie pooped in the tub. again. note to self, do NOT give this child a bath unless she's already pooped for the day. there is almost always a floater or two involved. ewwww.
while i waited for the tub to drain so i could clean it out, violet and rosalie, all nakey, chased each other around the house. baby butts are awfully cute. so are happy puppies.
and when i got her out of the tub, for the second time, i discovered that a certain little puppy had pooped in the living room.
i don't like poop.

we hung out in our living room and ate fresh cookies. it was nice to be with friends. and the cookies were pretty good too.
i wrote a blog without using capital letters. i rambled (in case you didn't notice). but sometimes, rambling is really soothing.

not too long ago, i started keeping a thankfulness journal. before i go to bed i write down the things for which i was especially thankful on that day. it's been good for me. because, as i wrote on the first page of that journal, "even the most knock-down, drag-out, rough-and-tumble sort of day has a shiny gem or two to be plucked out of the dust and examined in gratitude and joy. you just have to look for them."
and some days aren't rough and tumble. lots of days aren't. some days aren't exceptionally amazing or stand-out. some days are just sweet.
a string of little events, pleasant or not, that make up the hours and the memories therein. like today.
today was sweet.
i liked today.
and God is good.


george said...

I love their paper plate dolls!! Miss you all!!

Mom said...

George did not say that! Mom did!! But since we are one flesh, I suppose you could say that he did:)

Lauryn said...

I love that sunshine and your green grass. I'm convinced that I'll never see green grass again! lol. This has been a brutal Winter!

Your hair looks adorable! I love how you decided to feel cute anyway :) I needed that advice today!

bandofbrothers said...

i do NOT like poop either. i feel for you. that is the one thing holding me back from getting a doggy at this point in life.

we had subway tonight! and i tried to put my hair up last night and it kept falling out everywhere too. i ended up using bobby pins and hair spray.

dying over the cuteness of the paper dolls--esp. their napkin dresses, hehe.

love you!

Barbie said...

Juliet's on a pooping in the tub kick too...not a fan! And puppies,well, it's a good thing they're cute because they sure are a lot of work. Love how you focused on all the sweet gems in your day. Life's too short not to enjoy!

molly june. said...

ah, that picture of you makes me smile. the braid is perfect & carefree. and you look so pretty :) i liked reading about your day. made me think about mine. and how God is good. always. xo!

*CPA* Su said...

I'm SO glad you used just one capital letter in your post! ;-) HE always deserves that!

I can see why you don't like poop...ewwww is right!

And here's a little secret, your blog's name is Rejoicings and OF COURSE ramblings are ok and even needed every now and then! ;-)