Wednesday, March 30, 2011

on a few new additions...

Let me begin this long-overdue blog by stating three things:
1. we're back!
2. my sister lives with us now!
3. we got a puppy!
just look at these dear faces!
We actually got home from our trip on Monday more than a week ago, and you would have thought that I'd have blogged much sooner than now, right?
I planned to, I really did.
But fact #3, along with massive amounts of laundry, too little sleep, and trying desperately to get back into the routine of things with homeschooling and piano lessons and housework after being gone for ten days, has rather taken over my life this last week.
In fact, I logged into my google reader and immediately felt overwhelmed. And I haven't logged into it again since then, nearly a week ago. So if you haven't heard anything from me and don't for a little while, please don't take it personally. I'm so looking forward to getting caught up with all of you, but I think I'll wait until our puppy is no longer trying to pee on our carpet. hehe.

Speaking of our puppy, I would like you all to officially meet Violet, the little bitty Yorkie who has stolen all our hearts.
Annabelle loves her.
Emma loves her.
Rosalie loves her.
Gilbert doesn't exactly love her, but he does tolerate her and will graciously and condescendingly consent to sit on the same couch.
I daresay Gilbie is getting positively mellow in his age!

While there have been moments when I questioned my sanity in getting a brand-new puppy, she is completely worth the extra trouble and time. She's the cutest little pup there ever was, and her spunky ways and sweet affection have won us all over... even my husband, who was skeptical about the whole thing, to say the least.

When we returned home from our trip, we brought my sister Lydia back with us, to stay. And to have her here is really like a dream come true, as we've talked about and wanted her to move back to California for at least three years. The timing was just right for it to happen now, and we're so very glad. I love getting to see someone from my family every single day. We have so much fun together, my kids adore having Auntie Lydia around, and she's been a help to me too. I'm not sure I could have done this whole new-puppy thing without her. :)

With the addition of these two, life is busier and fuller than ever, and our little house is bursting at the seams.
And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Welcome, Lyddie-lou and Little Violetta. :)


Lauryn said...

Wow, big things are happening over there! Congrats on both of your new additions :) I'm sure they're both bringing a ton of joy into your lives!

Alyssa said...

I had no clue your sister was actually going to stay here and live with you, I thought she was just visiting! Your pup is SO cute, she looks super sweet. I will definitely have to make a cupcake delivery :)

Steph said...

So adorable! (the puppy, and well Lydia too of course :) )

What a fun household you must have right now! Enjoy the puppiness while you can! Though, they are still pretty sweet when they get older (and ohh being all potty trained is pretty nice as well)

*CPA* Su said...

It's so funny because I had actually wondered for quite some time why neither of your sisters had never moved out here with you guys...since you are SO VERY CLOSE! :) And now with Miss Jerusha becoming a Mrs. and Miss Lydia out here...your parents ALMOST have an empty nest!

ALSO, I had just read this post quickly yesterday and then who do I run in to at the Marketplace, but Lydia and Ashleigh! Too funny!! It was so nice to FINALLY meet Lydia...who I seriously feel like I already know from blogging and FB! :)

Tristan said... the girls are growing up way too fast..holy cow!!

puppy is soooo cute!

glad your sissy is there with fun!