Sunday, April 10, 2011

a confession and the cutest picture ever.

I am a bad blogger.

yes, it's true. A BAD blogger.

I haven't written 80% of the posts that I should and would like to.
and chances are I never will.

I just spent the last half-hour browsing blogs (I do so love to go blog-browsing) and I just adore how charming and funny, witty and beautiful, full of life and daily musings other's blogs are.
I would like to be like that.
But I'm realizing more and more that life won't let me be like that. Or maybe that's just an excuse? Either way, I'm accepting that and becoming ok with infrequency and sporadic-ness. (that's a word, right? I say yes.) I still love to blog. and I still want to capture life here, and to reach out to all of you, and to be a part of this great big wonderful blogging world. But it'll have to be on whatever level I can acheive in whatever season of life I happen to be. The spaces between my blog posts tell a story of their own, and it's one that I love, that of a life full and busy to the brim.
And as long as I can still come here and share things like this picture with you...
...then all is not lost for me and my little blog. :)

This is my little 6-year old niece, Faith. She and her brother, Jason, spent the day with us on Saturday and after I found my rhythm in dealing with five rambunctious children and and two puppies (heh), we had such a lovely time with the cousins, playing outside at the park and running in the sunshine, indulging in rainbow sherbet and playing tag at the Marketplace, eating popcorn and watching movies... and playing with puppies! The one on the left is their little pup, Tiffany, and the other one is, of course, our own little Violet. So much sweetness in one picture. It makes my heart smile and will always make me think of my fun-filled day with my darlings.

I hope all of you found a lot of joy this weekend!


Tristan said...

oh..what a sweet picture!!

i love your pups round belly..ahhhh..too sweet!

Ashley said...

As long as you post and let us peek into your cute little life. I've been coming here for a long time because I love it so much! :)

Even if it's sporadic. ;)

Anna Banana said...

You're so very amazing dearest Talia! Love this cute picture and the cute words!

jozen said...

don't even sweat it talia!! we are moms and moms are THE busiest people on the face of this planet.

i cut back my blogging to once a week... sometimes a few times if i have the time.. which is VERY rare!

hope you are well.

sarah marie p said...

Oh man, I know what you mean -- there's some posts I've been meaning to post for YEARS that I still think about posting! And yeah, I wish I could post a number of times a week, but I just don't know if that's going to happen. Maybe I'll actually post a number of times one week soon ... but then I won't blog again for the rest of the month! Oh wells.

I'm trying to catch up on blogs & commenting -- I've been so bad about that too! And I just saw that you have tons of posts about your NEW PUPPY! Ohmygoodness, Violet is the cutest little pup of ALL TIME! Eeee! Such a sweet face! So fluffy! Can't handle the cuteness! Congrats on your new bundle of joy! I love her!

p.s. Whether you post all the time, or just every now and again, I'm so glad that your blog is around! Hurray for sharing adorable puppy pictures and bits of your life! :)

bandofbrothers said...

i love this post! i am right there with you! blogging must take the back burner at times. i'm still learning to accept that one!