Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a letter of sorts.

Dear Blog,
I'm writing because I realize I have sorely neglected you of late. This was certainly not intentional... but life somehow seems to speed by at rate which continues to surprise me.
And I find that, in those rare moments of solitude and rest that I get, you're kind of the last place I want to be. 
oh dear. Have I offended you, blog? Don't take it personally. I mean, you're great and all, and I still love you, and I'll always be around, but... well, it's just that you're not quite as wonderful and rich and alive as so many other things in my life. Friends. Family. Books. Creativity. Adventures. Conversation. My husband. My girls. My Lord. I'm so richly blessed, you know, in so many ways, and I don't want to miss out on any of these things. So, please, don't mind if I spend a little less time with you... you know it's all for the best!

oh! I must tell you about something lovely... Spring. Yes, spring! For it has arrived here, and the days are cloaked in many and varied glorious shades of it. The daffodils have lifted their cheery golden heads and bob merrily at me in my backyard. My ranunculus bloom layer by delicate mauve layer, and the tree in our front yard has burst forth with such a show and abundance of blossoms that I have christened her The Pink Lady Most Wondrous. As I write this letter to you, Emma, Annabelle, and Rosalie are in the backyard, barefoot and carefree in the sunshine, their hair teased and mussed by the fresh breeze, their cheeks kissed with light. I throw my windows open in the afternoon when the temperatures have warmed and I sigh happily at the blue, blue sky.
After I've told you all these things, dear blog, I know you won't hold my absence against me. And I'm glad, for I shall be absent again for a little while. You see, my sister is getting married very soon! We are traveling to Denver to be there for that most special day, and I'm just so excited. ALL of my family is going to be in one place for the first time in well over two years, and I can't wait to wrap my arms around them all and soak up each moment while we celebrate and rejoice together.

The preparations for this trip have me running around and filling every moment with something, so you can see why I won't have time for you this week. I know you'll understand; you always wait patiently for me.
Will you do me a favor, blog? Will you please tell all my lovely friends who visit you from time to time that I shall be thinking of them and that I'll be back again soon? I'm going to have so much to tell you, and them, about! The adventures of this month are going to be many, from travels and wedding and family and birthdays, to the excitement of new additions in our little house. (I'll give you a hint: one of them has two legs and opposable thumbs, and one of them has four legs and fur.) 

So, I bid you farewell for now, dear blog, and will write to you again when I return. As you can see, I've included some pictures I snapped of my happy lovin-the-springtime beauties. I hope they'll make you smile until the next time.
With sincerest love always,


ps. would you like to see something fun? My good friend Lorie, who has a blog of her own (oh! maybe you two know each other, being of the same type and what-not) put up a post about some beautiful ladies and a very lovely time we had here at my house not too long ago. You should take a peek. (And will you please make sure everyone who stops by knows about it too, in case they want to see? thank ye kindly.) k, bye!


Tristan said...

Your girls make me smile!

Lisa said...

Wait. What? A new arrival to your household with opposable thumbs? Is this you coily announcing that you are joining the pregnant club?!?

molly june. said...

those pics will tide me over. i guess ;) as long as you're not gone for too long. seeing as i'm not one of those people who can just show up for a good chat over tea anytime i please. love youuu! have so much fun with your family! how exciting!!!

Barbie said...

Your readers totally understand your absence. ENJOY LIFE! But I'm with Lisa....WHAT?? are you pregnant? Just so confused from reading this. CONGRATS if you are! :)

i'm lindsey. said...

yeah............i had to look up opposable thumbs. i thought, "hmmm i think that means it's a human. and i think that means she's pregnant????"
so if you are: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. rejoicing with you.
and if i'm totally missing the boat (which is likely with me) then yay for whatever new addition you are talking about.
PLEASE talia, ENJOY that wedding. ENJOY all the Horners!!!!! love them all up!!!!!!!!!!! and omg, you get to see Elijah, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have SOSOSOSOSO much fun dear girl, you deserve a fun vaca spent with your sweet sweet family!!!!!

i pray that this vacation brings you relaxation, joy, and safe travels........i know it must be overwhelming to pack up all the girls........you can do it, get through this week!!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeek. your girls are ADORable. and so are you flowers. and well, SPRING in CA??? it's FREEZINg here still. and gloomy. and NO flowers or green grass..........yet........ so thanks for sharing your pictures, it gives me hope:)

love LOVE LOVE you sweet talia. and EEEEEEEEEEEK. are you pregs?!?!??!?!?

ohmygoodness. i'm dying.
happy night
sweet dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talia said...

So, when I wrote that we were going to be having a new addition, it crossed my mind that people MIGHT think I'm pregnant, but I didn't think much of it. However, now that at least three of you are wondering, I'm going to set the record straight: NO, I am not pregnant. :)
But! My sister Lydia is moving in with us, which is also quite exciting. :D
I promise that if and when I do get pregnant, I will tell you all in no uncertain terms. hehehe.

bandofbrothers said...

Talia, you are a dear for not leaving us wondering about your upcoming member with opposable thumbs.

And you are simply delightful as ALWAYS.

I think you are just meant to be that way.

you will always be one of my most favorite bloggers and real life peoples of all time.

much love and ENJOY all your real life people. i know you will, and that's what i love about you. wherever you are, you are all there. i cannot imagine you talking to me and then being interrupted by your cell phone or something. you are one of a kind!

Kayla said...

LOL these comments are SOOO funny I knew Lydia was moving in with you and so I was so confused because everyone thought you were preggo so that got me thinking too! lol Then I just got all kinds of confused! LOVED the post and I hope you have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED time with your family LOVE! I wish so badly we could come to the wedding but, of course it's just not going to work out. :( Can't Wait to see the picture's from the trip and the wedding! Oh the brunch photos of all you girlies are GREAT makes me so WISH I was back in CA! MISS YOU LOVE