Thursday, December 2, 2010

just a little project

oh hello, were you expecting a REAL blog? like one about our actual life? with many cute pictures of everything that's been going on? sorry. today is not your day. maybe some other time. stick around. :)

Not too long ago a wonderful friend of mine had a birthday, and I really wanted to give her something handmade... she's the type who appreciates that sort of thing very much, and it always means a lot to her. And I must say, it was a real delight being creative with her in mind, because she's a poetic soul who loves whimsy and looks at everything in the light of beauty.

I'm sure there's many people who could have made these ten times better than I did, but I most definitely loved making them.
What did I use?
random paint colors I had sitting in my garage
three medium-sized wooden plaques from Michael's, approx. $1 each.
rub-ons I had sitting in my craft drawer
an Anthropolgie catalog
ribbon from my ribbon jar
a brushed-on coat of polyurethane to protect it all and make it nice and shiny

If you're assuming that this entire gift took me all of $3 to put together because I already had everything else on hand... you would be correct. hooray! Sometimes the time and thought that goes into a gift is more important than how much it costs, I think. (hopefully my friend agrees with me, now that the truth is out, wink wink)

Here's a closeup of each one. The lettering, the birdcage, the key, and the typewriter are all rub-ons, and everything else is cut out of the Anthro catalog. (I had way too much fun going through and cutting out pretty things... now I know why my girls just LOVE to do that with magazines!)


the green one is my favorite, I think. :)

I'm currently working on a few other handmade gifts right now too, for Christmas and such, and I'm loving it. What sort of craftiness and creativity are you up to this month? Do tell!


Mom said...

Oh! My lovely, creative daughter!! You are making me cry:)

alyssa said...

I love those!!! They are so cute!! :)

Misty said...

LOVE this! you are so creative!

Morgan said...

These are just TOO adorable!! I was just looking at those wooden things at michael's today on my lunch, wondering what cute things I could do, but I came up with nothing. I miiiiight have to steal your idea for a thrifty Christmas gift of my own! Love them!

RachelRuelas said...

TALIA!!!!!!!! these are PRECIOUS! you must make more and put them up for sale...

Tristan said...

those are awesome, and so are you..obviously!

Band of Brothers said...

very clever and creative! love them!

Ashlei Paige said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you Tally Wally! :D I LOVE them so much and every time i look at them, I think of you and the wonderful person that you are and how blessed and special I feel to have something so beautiful and handmade by you!!! =] I love you!!!

.jimaie.marie. said...

ok, stoppit, these are SO CUTE!! I love them so much, from the paint color to the choice of rub ons to the phrases. These are perfect!
Handmade really is always the best sort of gift, I SO wish I had more craftiness inside me so that my homemades were worth GIVING, haha!

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I love the blue one! They are all so pretty. I love giving thoughtful gifts to thoughtful people. It makes me try that much harder to do a good job, because I know it will be so appreciated. I love your brand of creativity; it suits mine perfectly {or rather, the kind I wish I had!}