Monday, October 18, 2010

oh, children {#2}

It's been a few months since I've written about the funny things my girls say and do. For the tickling of your funny bone, here is a sampling. And in case you missed it, here's #1.


Emma was playing dress-up in her fairy wings and I noticed her trying to get outside through our sliding glass doors... and I had told her only minutes before that we weren't playing outside this afternoon, because it was simply too hot. So I stopped her again. She turns and looks at me, saying "But I HAVE to go outside, because I'm a sunshine fairy, and I NEED to make the sun rise!" Well then. What could I say to that? Carry on, daughter. I'd hate to think of some poor soul sitting in the dark somewhere simply because I wouldn't let you go outside.

(just for the record, Emma will most likely hate me for this one if she happens to ever read my blog while wistfully looking back on her childhood. Hi Emma, I'm sorry. You'll thank me someday.) I found her looking quite distressed, standing in the middle of the living room. "What's wrong, honey?" She hesitates for a moment and then says "Well, it just seems like my undies are always giving me wedgies and I don't really know what to do about it."
I must say, one can hardly blame her for her perplexity. Such a dilemma.


Annabelle comes running down the hallway, half-naked. "Light the candle, Mommy, I've gotta go pooooop!!" (again, she'll thank for me this later. I'm sure.)

A question, posed to me by Emma: "When Gilbert (our cat) grows up, what will he be? A lion, or a tiger?" Imagine how disappointed she was when I had to tell her that housecats simply stay housecats, and don't "grow up" to become majestic beasts.

While the girls were eating lunch (and being silly as usual), I was listening to them and couldn't help but laugh when I overheard Emma. "I'm having a really yummy dream right now. Do you see it floating up here above my head in a bubble??" She gestures vaguely with her hand. "Right now, I'm sliding down a banana, and you (Annabelle) are stuck inside of an orange. And there's a happy plum who's laughing." Seriously. This kid's imagination!

One day, when Emma and Annabelle were playing, Emma did something which very much upset her little sister. I can't even remember what it was, but I do know that what followed was slightly over-dramatic.
Emma: "Annabelle, I'm really sorry. Look, if we do this instead it's ok."
Annabelle: "NO! it's not ok."
Emma: "No, really, look! See, this is just as good."
Annabelle: "No no NO! It's NOT good! Nothing will EVER be good AGAIN!" This emphatic statement was accompanied by hands thrown in the air followed quickly by her throwing all 26 pounds of herself face-down onto the floor.
Clearly, whatever had happened was completely, utterly, and irrevocably earth-shattering. THE HORROR.


And then, there's this:

It rained today, really rained today, for the first time in a long time. It didn't take Rosalie long at all to discover the large puddle in our backyard and the joy that it contained. Hooray for rain and puddles!

several things: one. I don't know WHY I sound like Darth Vader in videos. Note to self: STOP BREATHING. two: I don't usually laugh like a maniac. Sorry. three: Rosalie is wearing a cloth diaper... her booty is NOT usually that large. But I kinda love it, I'm not going to lie. :)

Children are, without a doubt, good for the soul. hehe.


Tristan said...

good for the soul...true. word..i can't even take the cuteness!

*CPA* Su said...

that video was way too cute!!!

And Annabelle "light the candle"...wayyyyyy too funny!!!!

Band of Brothers said...

HAHAHAHA your girls kill me--they are so funny and cute. they are good for everyone's soul. and so are you. thanks for the laughs and the lifting of my spirits after watching your video and listening to your sweet voice.

love you all girlie family!!!

Lisa B. said...

I love this! I especially love the light the candle thing because for a while Bryce wanted me to light the "poop candle" so he could get to blow it out. This purple candle was used specifically for such occassions until we used it all up.:)

Melissa said...

You have the most adorable children! I love reading about all your adventures.

Kayla said...

Oh Talia your children were def. good for my soul today! This blog put a BIG smile on my face! :))

molly june. said...

light the candle, i've gotta go poooooooooop! i think i've said that once or twice, too. no wonder i like her :)

sarah marie p said...

Oh my goodness, that video was TOO cute! Rosalie is just having such a good time! I love her hops! So adorable! And so happy!

Emma's yummy dream is the best!
Haha, it's probably a good thing Gilbert isn't going to turn into a lion or a tiger -- you would then have to give him away to the zoo! Or set him free in the jungle!

Thanks for sharing these stories!

Lauryn said...

So stinkin' cute! It makes me want to have kids just to hear the cute things that come out of their mouths, lol :)

Jerusha Abigail said...

Rosalie kills me in every good way. She is too much adorableness!! So yes, she can be a flower girl too. :)

Emma and Annabelle crack me up. alot. Wedgies are troublesome things I tell you. They have amazing imaginations. I need to call sometime just to have them tell me stories I think.