Thursday, October 14, 2010

gooood morning!

The brand-new morning holds good things. Lovely little things.

sunshine brightening the rooms.
a cheerful and well-rested Rosalie.
squeezes and cuddles all around.
strawberries and lucky charms for breakfast.
a chat with Grandma.

but best of all,
their favorite...

new library books.
this is a sight that makes my heart happy.
My darling girls,
in love with their books,
fascinated and captivated by the pages of pictures and words.

flip flip flip go the pages, turned by little fingers,
as sweet faces bend over them happily, seriously, eagerly.
concentrating. imagining. journeying, to far-away places and back again.

such joy and wonder to be found, in such a simple thing.


Katy said...

Your writing is so beautiful. I love it. I wish I liked books better when I was there age.

RachelRuelas said...

Agreed Katy, Talia has SUCH a way with words!! Talia, you need to turn your blog into a book, go to and just copy you pages into a book. it's worth it, your girls need to experience your blog in a book form. really.
ps: i adore reading... I don't know what I'd do without it... my wild rushing imagination would go crazyyyy! and I am beyond thankful that my parents read to me for my whole childhood. helps to grow creativity and imagination!

Ali said...

so cute! i love when my boys are so into their new library books too!

Band of Brothers said...

i love watching my boys read too. i actually just took some pics of them reading yesterday:) too cute! i just love your girls.

last night we caught ollie and twain reading together in the 'big boys' room. john videotaped it.

Lauryn said...

I used to love going to the library and picking out new books to read I have very fond memories of going there with my mom and my brother.

As always your girls are precious and your writing is wonderful!

jennym said...

Library day is the best! First, browsing through shelf after shelf to pick just the right books. We inevitably fill a bag. Then on the car ride home each boy gets to pick one book to read while riding. Then the reading of each book to see which ones we like best and which characters we will fall in love with this week. I try to find some good, familiar "oldies" to mix in with the new adventures. Then, there are the seasonal books, the non-fiction that Jude requests (this week can we learn about space ships?)and occasionally we browse the cookbook section.
Happy sigh :-)

Jerusha Abigail said...

I love this post. Lucky charms and strawberries make for a perfect breakfast! and that picture is utterly adorable in so many ways. they are so into them! even Rosalie with her round little tummy. hehe