Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tonight, i am...

...absolutely and completely in love with the weather. It's cool and breezy and teases of autumn. Which makes me quite excited.

...really looking forward to wearing scarves and cardigans again, speaking of fall.

....dreming of delicious and warm coffee drinks in red cups. More autumn/cold-weather fever.

...playing hooky from choir. It was the kids' first night back at Awana and today was definitely a rush-rush-rush sort of a day, so I decided to stay home. And get in my pj's before 8:00. I love choir, but tonight I love my pj's just a little bit more.

....a wee bit sad because I'm almost done watching season 2 of Pushing Daisies (an episode here and there when I can has been my fun little me-time lately)... and then, that's it. There isn't any more. Why-ever did they stop making that show? It's so fun and imaginative and quirky and colorful. I want more of Ned and Chuck and Olive. boo.

...thankful that our first week of school is going well... it's so good to be back in a routine! (and yes, I do plan on blogging about it, have no fear!)

...thinking how silly I am to be sad about the fact that I only got six comments on my last blog. Long-gone are the days of comments just pouring in on a post. Like I said, it's ridiculous to be sad, but seriously, I'm giddy when I receive comments. I know, I'm pathetic. But I can't really complain, because I myself am not nearly the comment-er that I used to be, now that life is so busy... and I know it's the same for everyone else too. So as long as you all still have a place in your heart for little ol' me, I promise not to take it personally. Because I still love you, readers. I just felt the need to say that, I think it bears repeating. :)

...wishing for a visit from my family. I miss them, ever so much.

...itching to sew something. Methinks I'll have a date with my sewing machine this weekend!

...loving the music of Andy Kirk. His songs are so great, so full of worship and praise. If you haven't heard of him, do yourself a favor and look him up!

...rather thrilled that tomorrow holds Emma's first piano lesson, with our good friend Ryan who's an amazing pianist. I can't wait to hear her play songs and watch her learn something I love so much.

...wondering what book I should read next. I just finished Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. So endearingly odd and amazingly imaginative. I really enjoyed them both.

...done being on this computer and am going to go cuddle with my children and smooch on my hubby. In my pj's. Ah, lovely night.

Farewell, daaaarlings, I hope you had a most happy and wonderful Wednesday!!


RachelRuelas said...

Talia I love you. That's all I have to say... wellll not ALL i have to say... I can't even begin to tell you how " THERE" I am with on EVERYTHING you said on your post. minus the kids stuff, you know I don't have any of those yet :D but Pushing daisies, MY FAVORITE, PIE!!!!!! and Autumn... I just soak up this amazing weather and the thought of sweaters and tights, toffee nut soy lattes with whip, colored leaves, and warm bread out of the oven... oh I lavish in it all! I am so glad to have found another Lavisher :D <3 Rachel

BethiJo said...

You know, I have never commented on your blog, but I do like reading it! And I needed to read something cheery about fall, because I was getting a bit blue in the chilly weather tonight (I love summer). So now I'm totally looking forward to a hot coffee...
Also, I love comments, too... So I'm just letting you know, even if people don't comment, your posts are enjoyed! (And I totally agree with you -- I love it when people comment on my Juli stories...) Hope you have an awesome Thursday!

Tristan said...

Your so cute :)
I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

I love that there willl be orange everywhere..soon..eee!! fall :)

molly june. said...

mmm, i am loving this weather too. isn't it just the best? i think it's a teaser though. we better get out the scarves & hats while we still can! how exciting that school went well :) & emma gets her first piano lesson?! i dream of the day when a&e are ready for that! oh, what fun. hope you're having a lovely night in your jams. LOVE these cool, snuggly nights. XO!

alyssa said...

I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!!

I hate no comments! I do not like when a spend a lot of time on a post and get like no comments :( Boooo.

andrea said...

Oh Talia! I too am loving the nights and days that are the beginning of fall. Love, love, love Fall, jammies, cuddles, a cup of coffee, all the colors, breezes to where you need a blankie... mmmmm FALL :-) Don't stop blogging PLEASE - Read you daily (almost stalk to see if there is anything new) Love keeping up with all that goes on with the girls, you and Jer... To me you are like FALL... welcome and comforting - love, hugs and kisses

Lisa said...

I did read your last post. I found it very hopeful that even when you go through tough stuff homeschooling can get done.

I didn't comment though. Lately I'm usually pretty lucky if I get ONE comment on most of my posts. Gone are the days of lots of comments indeed. I think Facebook stole all our commenters.

Ali said...

I'm back from vacation and doing some blog catch up instead of cleaning ;) So, I am here to comment on your lovely blog!!!

I am so excited about fall too!!!!!!! I love the weather, soups, and drinks! Yay!

Jerusha Abigail said...

I loved this post. So full of joy and fall! I'm so ready for fall too! Especially before winter hits us here. I'm so glad school is going well for you! I loved your last post about it, your girls really do impress me with reading and drawing and their enthusiasm. Youre a terrific teacher! :)

I read every single one of your posts, but I tend to be a bad commenter. Woops.

I need to look up this Andy Kirk, I'm sure hes great!

I want to visit you! Oh so much!!

*CPA* Su said...

The whole comment thing is kind of what gets me reason I don't blog too often, because I don't know if anyone is really reading it! :)

Why aren't you teaching Emma?

And I've never heard of Andy Kirk...I DO need to look him up!

OH - and I can't wait for fall too...the last few years I've LOVED autumn. I actually think some blog posts by you and others a couple years back got me to really enjoy this time of year more than I ever had before!

Sunny said...

I'm excited for fall and all that it brings! We had our first night back at Awana yesterday, too. I love getting that little break and the kids enjoy it so much. I don't blame you for skipping choir!

Raymond LOVES Pushing Daisies. I'm ashamed to admit I've never watched it. It seemed kinda like a weird show that I never gave it a shot. Sorry! Methinks I should have. :)

Yay for school and routine! I love it too. :)

I don't blog much because I feel like the only reason to is to get comments and not a lot of people do that anymore these days. It's depressing but what can you do? I try to be a good blogging buddy and leave comments as much as I can. I must confess, if someone hardly leaves me comments I am not so motivated to leave any for them. Sad but true! (And I am not talking about you obviously since I comment on at least 75% of your posts, I think!) Comments are like crack. I'm addicted. Everyone, leave some comment-love! :)

I'm excited for Emma to learn to play piano! So fun. I'm already dreaming of all of the beautiful music my kids will play. Ahem. If they actually learn it well enough and enjoy it! No pressure on my poor boys, right?

Sorry for the book! But since you said you are giddy when reading comments, I figured the longer the better. :) You can tell I read every word, huh? Muah, love ya darling!

Band of Brothers said...

love you too darling. but I think you already know that.

and the comments on your last post were so lovely, i think they deserve 2 points each, so it's more like 12. quality over quantity:)

katy said...

hi talia. :) my name is katy and i found your blog off davi's a long time ago. i read it every once in a while and am in love with your decorating and gift of words. i am super shy to comment on people's blogs that i don't know but when i read your little statement on comments i realized i should just go for it...cause i really do enjoy your blog and enjoy comments just as much as the next person. so i just wanted to say hello. hope you continue to enjoy the weather even though it's changing back again. :(

Kurt and Alisha said...

I can't wait for fall! It is my favorite season by far! I love the colors... the browns, tans and rust colors! I have been dreaming of pumpkin patches and apple picking and sweaters! I miss my sweaters oh so much! And I too greatly anticipate the return of the red cups! EEEk! it will all be here before we know it!

Katy said...

this post literally made me want to go get my red mug, curl up in my cardigan and scarf and snuggle up with my husband! ;-) love it! hehe!