Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Evening Cookie Club*

*Like the Breakfast Club, but much less angst-ridden. Also, we really do have cookies, unlike those poor teens who were never served one bite of breakfast.
*We don't actually call ourselves that. I just made it up right now for the sake of a title. Lame.

Let me paint you a picture: it's a Friday night. The house has been (mostly) picked up, the kids are not too far off from being in bed, and there are cookies baking in the oven. Soon, our house will be filled with guitar playing, singing, talking, much conversation, and lots of laughter.

It's all thanks to this group here:

This is what our weekends look like now. I say "weekends" because not only do they come on Friday nights, they come on Sunday nights too. One night a week just didn't cut it, what with all the fun we have.

It all started with band practice (my husband plays the drums in a band) being held here at our house on Saturday afternoons, which turned into a few of them staying late one night after practice, which turned into Sunday night get-togethers for hanging out and recording, which turned into Friday night get-togethers just for fun and Sunday night get-togethers for recording (but they still have fun then too, don't worry).

I'd be pleased to introduce you to the gang. They're a lovable bunch.

This is Ryan. He's the one who actually started up the band, and is a piano-player and singer extraordinaire.... really, he has a gift. It's amazing. And, most recently, he is also Emma's piano teacher. So exciting! He's kind-hearted and friendly, humble and sweet, and we like him lots.

Here's Zack. I chose this picture of him, because it's just so very Zack-ish. He keeps us all laughing with his dramatic flair and funny ways. His guitar playing is wonderful to hear, he's a connoisseur (totally had to look that word up to know how to spell it) of many things, and he's always handy for a good quote from Chesterton or C.S. Lewis, a deep discussion, or a Jason Mraz song, depending upon your mood.

Meet Jake! We met him when Zack happened to bring him along one Sunday night, and now we couldn't imagine our get-togethers without him. He's thoughtful and appreciative, laid-back and funny, sweet and generous, with an obvious love for the good things of life.

This is Ryan too! He's the newest addition to our little group, so I don't know quite as much about him yet... but he's great to have around, and is yet another talented musician. Let's hope we don't scare him away!
Ryan too

This lovely girl is my Ashlei. She and I go way back, back to the days before I was even married. I was her piano teacher, she was my Little Chica. She's my dear sister Lydia's best friend, our families are very good friends, and we share a sister-in-law, a niece, and a nephew. Really, she feels like a sister to me. She's clever and beautiful and altogether fabulous, and I'm so glad I get to hang out with her more now. Ashlei

Plus, it's good to have a girl around! You know, someone with whom I can snuggle a bit.

I'm pretty sure you all know Jeremy. I'm married to him. He's quite good-looking if I do say so myself! (and I do say that. All the time, actually.) I snuggle with him, too.
hunky husband

These young people are strong believers in our God, and it shows. They're passionate about their faith. It's inspiring to be around that.
One of my favorite things is how they fill our house with such wonderful music. There's almost always someone playing a guitar or on the piano or singing.

And all I have to do is bake some cookies or something! I'm definitely getting the best part of this deal. :)

It just makes me so happy when our little home is filled with people, enjoying themselves and the blessings of great fellowship. I love that they want to stay until the last possible minute (it's been years since I've stayed up past one in the morning this frequently!) and look forward to coming back when they do leave. It's a privilege and a blessing for Jeremy and me, and I'm always humbled by how truly grateful they are.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for each of these amazing people, and how He will use this time together in each of our lives, for our good and His glory.

Our door is always open for this crowd. And I'm certain there will always be a good time to be had!

our door is always open for YOU too, friends. just come and see! :)


Lydia said...

this look so fun. Seriously! I can't wait till I get to be there and hang out with all of you.
I miss my dearest Ashlei and you and jeremy!!
Gah I just need to be there already!!

Love you

alyssa said...

Cookies and wine, count me in please? Hahaha :)

RachelRuelas said...

I SO WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!! :D That sounds unbelievably lovely.

Tristan said...

This is totally awesome! your blessed my friend!!

Jake Anderson said...

I have to just extend a most honest and sincere thank you for welcoming me so graciously into your home time and time again. :] I can honestly say there's been a much notable improvement in my quality of life after these get-togethers started happening a few weeks ago. We're already such a close nit and happy little group, I can only imagine where things will go from here, and I cannot wait to find out. Thank you Jeremy and Talia...and Ryan, and Zack, and Ryan#2, and Ashlei. :] You are all wonderful people, and have all made a most positive difference in my life.

Jerusha Abigail said...

I want to come!!! I love good music and laughter and cookies and you and just having a good time! May i please come some friday or sunday night?

Kourtni said...

I totally love that you are doing this, Talia. When I was a "young adult" (I guess I cannot say that anymore... boo hooo!!) my parents were always SO amazing about letting my giant group of friends come over and hang out until all hours. It gave us a place to be and something to do and we all completely loved it. So happy MY sister has something fun like that now too!! Love you.

Little Newman said...

This is so lovely! I wish my friends and I did things like this...

Lauryn said...

As I get older I find I have more and more appreciation for having a solid group of friends to get together and spend time with. Your cookie evenings sound delightful!

Sunny said...

It sounds like fun! And any excuse to eat cookies is a good thing. :) I'm always amazed how I can stay up really late with friends and it is completely worth it even if I am a little tired the next day. Being up with kids at night is a totally different thing. Haha!

.jimaie.marie. said...

The subtitles to this post literally made me laugh out loud, I love it!
I would LOVE to be apart of an amazing group like this what a blessing for all of you! Can I just say that I think it's so cute how Jeremy actually SMILES and poses in pictures for you? Do you think he could school my husband on such things? TJ is not a fan of pictures whatsoever but simply puts up with them for my sake and in some pictures it is quite obvious much to my disdain! haha!!