Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello, Wednesday.

my brain is fried today. I think it's a combination of lack of sleep (thanks to Rosalie who did not sleep well AT ALL last night), and this heat we are currently experiencing. Oh, this heat. One-hundred-degree weather in July or August is one thing. It's summer, and it's expected. We can embrace the heat, using it as an excuse for trips to the beach and carefree days in the swimming pool. But 100-degree heat now, at the end of September, when October is nearly upon us, and autumn has been teasing us with the promise of cool weather and all the delights it brings... well, it's just offensive, that's what it is. I realize that the good Lord knows what He's doing, but...have mercy. If we don't get cool weather soon, I'm going to cry. Or, move. Preferably, somewhere with a bracing chill in the air and crunchy colorful leaves underfoot and hot chocolate aplenty.


So, since my brain is fried, and I have no actual writing capabilities, what you get from me today is some would-likes. "Wednesday would-likes", if you will. Wonderful and willy-nilly with a hint of whimsy and wistfulness. Wow, watch out, world, I'm on a woll!, ROLL.

to be fair, I DID tell you that my brain is fried. This is the sort of thing you should have been expecting.

Also, I'm sprinkling this post with random pictures of autumn that make me catch me breath and sigh in longing. It's both wonderful and tortuous at the same time...

Here we go. finally.
I would like...

...for autumn to GET HERE ALREADY. Oh wait, I already mentioned that once or ten times. Moving on. be a more patient person. have unlimited travel funds so I could see all of the dear friends and family I miss so much in far-away places. go on a date with my husband. Or, better yet, a get-away of some sort. I think a little bed-and-breakfast in Cambria would do the trick. Yes, indeed. spend a day simply making things. I miss crafting and being creative...I need that every once in a while. become a better musician. love others better and more often. eat pumpkin bread. spend more time in prayer with my Heavenly Father. gather all of my amazing girlfriends up in one place (including many of you!!) and have a girls' night like no other. feel caught up. (does anyone ever really feel caught up?) count my blessings. But I don't think I actually could, because there are far too many! cuddle up with a good book and do nothing but read all day long. cuddle up with my children and do nothing but watch movies all day long. be more disciplined. be surrounded by trees and nature and beauty and to simply wander in it all day long. have our family pictures taken again. (Hi, Lorie, I'm going to call you soon!) learn how to make donuts. And then, I would like to eat them. surprise people in thoughtful ways. know, dear friends,
what are some of your "Wednesday would-likes"?


Barbie said...

Talia, I think our lists are exactly the SAME! I was just thinking this morning about how I really am just feeling like there are so many things that I'm desiring right night, time away, a day of vegging, but I never feel caught up enough to do it. Ahhh...soon, one day soon.

Thanks for the Autumn escape, even if it is only in pictures.

RachelRuelas said...

Oh Talia... you have this WONDERFUL talent of being on the EXACT SAME PAGE as me! It's a joy to know I'm not the only only sitting indoors crying over Autumn not really being here yet. I hate this weather... like you said, it's one thing to have this heat in July, then it's FUN! swimming, beach days, lake days... you get my jist.. but SEPT 29TH?! ARGH!!!!! I really am not a happy camper right now. But I do also trust the God knows what He's doing... In my prayer journal this morning, I wrote, " God, thank you for a new day. I'm having such a hard time with this weather. Please Lord, send the cold, send the rain! I really am done with this heat... but I STILL glorify your name. " lol... I am DONE with it. But I still have hope! Soon, in a bout three months, we'll be sitting in doors, with the rain, thinking back of those long ago summer days... :) I CANNOT WAIT!!

So turn that AC down to 70 and pretend :)
Blessings sister!

Kourtni said...

I would like to have a really good reason to wear a really fancy dress. Like a formal wedding. Or a fancy dinner party. Or a ball. tee hee.

i'm lindsey. said...

oh me likey!

first of all. i'm coming to your girls night.

this is what we'll do:

get dressed up and go have a glass(es) of wine at a fun, hip place.

then we'll come back home and get in our pajamas

next, we'll eat the donuts that you made :)

finally......we'll all snuggle up embracing eachother, sharing, talking, dreaming, and laughing.


let me know when!
i'll fly in!
i promise!
(i'll have a baby with me though.....although, i'm sure you won't mind!)

love you talia!!!!!!!!!!!

you COULD move to the midwest. fall is totally here!
70 degree days
55 degree nights
leaves JUST beginning to change colors :)

Band of Brothers said...

your list sounds lovely. esp reading a book in bed all day. seriously that makes me drool.

i am never caught up either. I've had the SAME little old 4 things on my list for over 2 weeks. Yesterday I finally knocked 2 off the list(they involved cards and letters).

however, i am NOT ready for a crisp chill just yet. i would be pleased with moderate normal fall weather.

Mom said...

I do know of a perfect Bed and Breakfast with a big jetted tub and a fireplace behind it. They provide you with comfy bathrobes and down comforters which you can snuggle under and 3 drawers of DVDs of which you can select a movie to watch. They will offer you free wine in the evening, which you can drink sitting outside by the creek with the ducks and geese looking up the hillside dotted with oranges and golds. They will bring breakfast to your room in the morning. And just minutes away is the most awesome fall scenery anywhere!! And you could leave your three girlies with us:)

*CPA* Su said...

I agree with you 110% about this "July" weather!! I KNEW our fairly mild summer would come back to bite us somehow...well it did! And it's made me SOOOO grumpy!! :)

So if it doesn't cool off soon and you do move...TAKE ME WITH YOU! HEHE!

{And what else would my word verification be on this post but "heatl" lie! As though I wouldn't see the word "heat" if they thru an "l" at the end of it! HA!}

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

What a great list! Save that girls night for early November cause I'll be back in town for a week or so! :)

Sunny said...

I love reading your list. A couple of the pictures you put in the post won't show up for me. Weird. I want a girls' night. And a day to myself. :) But most of all, I really REALLY want fall weather to arrive!

Jerusha Abigail said...

GORGEOUS pictures! I wish I lived somewhere like that. Like in Vermont on a river, so I could sit on my back porch drinking cider on a crisp fall morning and just take it all in. And if you could be with me so we could chat, that would be lovely. :)