Friday, November 20, 2009

Our eight-month old

Darling Rosalie-roo.


Here is what you are up to at eight months old:

You are crawling like a little speed-demon and are into EVERYTHING. Your determination to get what you want is not to be swayed, and when you do get it, the smile on your face is so funny and delicious.

You are pulling yourself up on anything that is within reach. I'm pretty sure you think you're hot stuff, and are pleased as punch with this new accomplishment.


Except for when you can't figure out how to get back down... then you're just frustrated and upset.


You've reached a demanding stage in the sense that if you don't get what you want RIGHT AWAY (be it attention, or food, or the washcloth when mommy is trying to give you a bath) you will yell at us. REALLY LOUDLY. And sometimes you yell just for fun. You think it's great fun to hear yourself. We don't think it's quite so fun, but we do have to laugh at how pleased you look after you've just let out an ear-splitting sound. Just don't do it while we are trying to have a nice quiet dinner, ok?

You love to get down on our living room floor and just play. We'll dump out your toy basket for you and you crawl around, grabbing toy after toy and tasting and testing them all.

This fascination for your toys is competely overtaken by your fascination with your sisters, however. You follow them from room to room and stand by the sliding glass door to watch them when they play outside. Sometimes I think you wish you could run along with them and do everything they do. They can make you laugh and giggle like no one else (especially that crazy Emma with all her weird noises. You love those, so I TRY to tolerate them as much as I can). And they love you as much as you love them-- Annabelle with her funny high voice that is reserved just for you and hugs upon hugs that practically squish you, and Emma with her gentle kisses and constantly picking you up (even when you'd rather she not). Neither one of them can stand for you to go down for naps unless they've told you goodnight, and they both tell me all the time how "Rosalie is the cutest baby ever!" It makes my heart so happy to see my girls being so sweet and loving to each other.

You are a daddy's girl, always so excited and thrilled to see him when he comes home... and I think it's safe to say that you have him fairly wrapped around your little finger and totally captivated by you.

You have two teeth, on the bottom, that you got about a month ago... and so far we don't see anymore coming in. But those two teeth are adorable!

You absolutely LOVE your solid foods. So far I haven't found one thing you don't like. Your favorites are mashed-up bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. Gerber puffs are a sure way to keep you entertained and you gobble them up ever so quickly. Now that you've discovered the world of solid foods you've decided that you are completely and totally done nursing. And I'm ok with that-- we still get in plenty of cuddle time.

Because yes, you are an extremely cuddly baby, giving your very own kind of hugs and kisses, sitting on laps and playing with our faces and hands. We can't help but love on you at every chance, because you're just so adorably soft and warm and snuggly and sweet. I want you to stay this way forever!

You make the funniest faces and sounds, blowing raspberries constantly and talking up a storm in your own little way.

You are a very friendly, welcoming, and easy-going baby, always ready with a smile or to go to outstretched arms. Because of this, you have become quite the popular girl at church and there is always someone who's wanting to hold you and kiss on you or try to rock you to sleep during Sunday school-- sometimes I hardly hold you on Sunday mornings. I don't mind this, since I feel blessed to be able to share you and the joy you bring. When all is said and done I'm your mommy and you know that. I love when you look at me and give that little half-cry that says "ok, I'm ready for you to hold me again." My arms will always be ready and waiting for you, sweet baby of mine.


my little loverkins. I love you so!


Talia said...

I just realized that she has her pajamas on in every single one of these photos! hehe! I promise, I do get her dressed. But when the weather is cold I love her to be in her snuggly footsie pjs and will leave her in them as long as possible-- maybe that's why I have so many pictures of her in them! :)

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

She is so adroable Talia! I love those jammies! It was so fun meeting you last night!

Tristan said...

the last b&w picture just about melted my heart...AWE!!

She is going up so fast...good grief!

Katie said...

8 months! I can't believe it!
Also, I could really use a pair of those snuggly monkey feetie pjs in MY size this winter! YUMM!

Sunny said...

She is a doll! I love the pictures of her standing up and then crying because she can't get back down. The last one is my absolute favorite one. She looks so happy! You make the cutest little girls. I wonder if there will be more girls in your future?? ;)

April said...

Your little Rosalie sounds a lot like my Blake! He is always smiling, super happy, a charmer to all people, and a major snugglebug. He too, stopped nursing when he realized he could conquer the world on his own and loves any and all types of foods. Funny faces and lots of babbling and raspberries are his specialty. Rosalie sounds just as sweet as can be and is just as cute to boot!

See Sherm Blog said...

Oh my goodness. She is just the sweetest thing ever!!! Love this post! It made my morning. :-)

caitlyn said...

Oh goodness I cannot wait to see her on Thursday!!

*CPA* Su said...

well when a girl has SUCH cute PJ's, why wouldn't you want to capture them?! :) LOVE the monkey ones!!

Where does the time go?! It does not even seem possible that she is 8 months old! And as C.U.T.E. as ever!!!!

Mommy Diffee said...

8 months ... can it be?! Talia she is cute as a button! I let the boys LIVE in sleepers when it is cold ... Cohen hardely ever wears ANYTHING else =) I can't believe she is crawling, pulling up, and eating real food already ... WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP TIME FOR ME!? It passes too quickly =( Smooch that baby for me!

The Thompson Family said...

How could your girl possibly be growing up so fast?! She's precious! I want you to do a photo comparison post of all three of your girls at the same age. I think it's so fun to look at the differences and similarities. :)

Lydia said...

I love my little lady love!! she's adorable.
I'm in love with her brown eyes. Just like her momma's and her auntie of course!

Megan said...

Oh baby GIRL! How can you already be 8 months?! I love you and your sweet little cuddly footsies! I can easily see why your sisters, Mommy AND Daddy just love you to bits and pieces- you are a little angel!

thatmom said...

I think I just saw this girl's picture in the dictionary next to the word "adorable." Is there anything more adorable than jammie sleepers?