Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very pumpkin-y sort of post.

The delights of a pumpkin patch in the fall are something of which everyone should partake. (especially when it's an ADORABLE pumpkin patch, with rustic old wagons loaded to the brim with gourds of every size and shape, a little wooden bridge over a pond, fall leaves everywhere, and twinkly lights galore.)

So, this past Friday (aka One of the Most Perfect Days Ever), Jeremy and I and the three girls made our way to the pumpkin patch-- which, by the way, is all of 5 minutes from our house. That's right, folks, we live 5 minutes away from The Cutest Pumpkin Patch. Not bad.

We went after the kids woke up from naps, and it happened to be perfect timing. Still light enough to squeeze in pictures, but late enough that as we were there dusk fell and the twinkly lights came on in all their charming glory. Don't laugh at me (or do. whatever.), but sometimes I get a pleasant little ache when certain surroundings are just so homey and delightful that they make me all nostalgic and happy inside. And that's how I felt about our pumpkin patch visit. It just felt like FALL. And I was there with my family. What more could a girl want?

The girls, of course, loved every moment and came away with the perfect little pumpkins after many such exclamations of "ooh, look at that one! And that one!" Pumpkins are delightful.

The only downside is that there wasn't quite the chill in the air that I was hoping for... but I pretended anyway, as I dressed us all in our jean jackets and wore my new yellow hat. We may have been a bit warm, but it was worth it. One simply cannot visit a pumpkin patch at dusk while wearing a tank top. I refuse.

Accquring pumpkins aside, our REAL reason for going to the pumpkin patch was, of course, to take pictures. And take pictures we did! (or, more accurately, my sweet hubby took pictures... thanks for putting up with me and my whims, babe)

I didn't even realize I had dressed Emma and Annabelle to match until they sat down for this shot. True story.
It's cliche'.... but I have to say it.... my three pumpkins. AW. (so glad I got that out of the way)



Be warned, your heart may melt when you see this...






Love this one...
Little sidenote: when we were looking through these pictures together at home, Jeremy told me that I reminded him of Kate Winslet in this one. I wanted to make out with him a little bit. (because hello, she's GORGEOUS. I don't really agree with him, but way to score some points, honey :)) Anyway. Moving on. Look at my cute children!!!
This series of pictures makes me smile. Have at it, Rosalie!



I love my dear little family. And I love pumpkins. The end. :)


alyssa said...

Sooo jealous right now. We'd planned on going there today after we got home from the cabin...but of course it's soooooo far away it seems like, it'd probably take us like 30 minutes to get there...after a 2.5 hour drive, it didn't sound too lovely anymore. I hope we can make some time to go this week :( You guys are so cute :D Love the yellow hat!!!!!

Band of Brothers said...

you love BEAUTIFUL! and LOL about wanting to make out with hubby over being called Kate Winslet. Seriously I am giggling over here. You are tooooo cute and you DO look like Kate Winslet! Love the photos! I am already scheming and planning our trip, but the hubs is too busy grading papers. BOO HISS. and hysterical that you refuse to wear a tank to the pumpkin patch. I AGREE! Last year I suffocated the boys in sweaters and it was blazing hot. HAHA. Oh well.

molly june. said...

my, my, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?! that hat is just adorable on you...& then you add the cute dress & the boots? hel-lo. babe alert. & your girls are just too yummy & perfect. such a perfect fall day! xo.

Litchfield Family said...

oh i LOVE pumpkin patches! we just went to one in ventura!

Misty said...

Such a beautifully perfect day indeed! Gorgeous family, Talia!!!

Lydia said...

These are probably the cutest pictures ever!
And wow you are GORGEOUS! you seriously do look like kate winslet. I agree with jeremy.
I miss all my girlies!!!
I wish I could go to the pumpkin patch with you. Wouldn't that be lovely?
Your posts always make me giggle.
Love you!!

Sunny said...

Yay for the pumpkin patch! Your girls are just darling and you look fabulous in your yellow hat! I still haven't taken my boys to the pumpkin patch. I really should get them there soon. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. :)

Mom said...

Is it possible that Rosalie is getting cuter? We thought she was the ultimate in cuteness already!:) Your whole blog made me giggle. Miss you all big bunches!! XOXOXOXO

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Such an adorable family you have. You look so cute in that hat..I love hats! Yay for pumpkin patches!

sufferingsummer said...

adorable! and I'm confused...why the heck didn't you do fall fashion week? cause you got some style goin' on!!! so cute. LOVE the boots with the jacket and the hat is the perfect touch!
and your kids are completely meltworthy...k...I'm gonna shut up now as i feel like I'm gushing...but seriously...adorable is the word of the day!

*CPA* Su said...

My heart melted at this ENTIRE post!! You look soooo beautiful!! Rockin' outfit my friend! The "Kate Winslet" pic is stunning of all of need to frame it BIG in your house! And that family photo at the end too, because it is fabulous! Such a cute family you are blessed with!

*CPA* Su said...

BTW-you must disclose where that great hat is from because I might need one! Although there's no way I could pull it off nearly as wonderfully as you did! :)

Morgan said...

OH MY, just look at your precious family!! I love those photos of the girls, and you are looking mighty gawgess, m'dear! I adore your outfit from that day!

Megan said...

Ok, where do I even BEGIN?! You are one hot fall Mama, that is for darned sure! LOVING those boots and hat! Fresno could use some tips in creating a pumpkin patch similar to that dream-one in Bakersfield, seriously. Big ugly tents in the background of ours? NOT cutting it for photos- which we all know is the main reason we go! = )

Your GIRLS!!! It's funny, the other day I was just thinking about them and how good you are at coordinating their outfits (even though you didn't mean to)

Ok, Rosalie's smile lights up my ENTIRE COMPUTER SCREEN. Love her!

Kourtni said...

I'm enjoying my picture of little Miss Rosalie on my fridge!! Thanks, hunny. ;)
I told you already, but I stand by what your husband says! I've thought you look like Kate Winslet more than a few times!! (You don't want to make out with ME now, do you?? hehehe...)
I am wanting to take the kids out to the pumpkin patch also. It's such an awesome one, and so close!!

Lindsey Leif said...

love it!!!!!!!
the girls have the most cheesiest smiles......they are totally happy :) I love Rosalie on the last photo...she seems content as can be, just hangin out with the fam!!! your dress is ADORABLE...those girls are going to realize soon, if not already, they have quite the stylin momma :)
and to other's dismay.....I am JEALOUS of your warm weather...our fall is beautiful, but I don't like seeing my breath when I go outside yet...I will accept it by Thanksgiving, but its too cold here for October :)
have a great week!!!!

Lauryn said...

You have some beautiful little punkins there! :)

Looks like an amazing Fall day! Loving the yellow hat :)

sarah marie p said...

Aww, so cute that the big sisters are matching! And of course Rosalie looks adorable too! I am LOVING your hat! Oooh where did you get it? It's awesome! Your whole outfit is just great! ANd there are those amazing boots! Your whole family looks so precious together! That last picture is perfect! It could be a Christmas card! Oh, and you DO look like Kate Winslet in that photo, you pretty lass! xoxo

.jimaie.marie. said...

LOL!! you are so cute and so funny Talia, this post made me giggle, i love it!
You're hat is so cute and I love that you refused to wear a tank top to the patch LOL!! It worked, your photos have a delightful fall feel to them! Rosalie's smile is so contagious, i just love it, I cant help but grin when I look at her! :D