Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't forget!

hello, lovely people! Today is the very last chance you have to enter my giveaway and win a wonderful bounty of Etsy goodies (or a Starbucks card, which isn't half bad either). I have some rather exciting news as well: there is a THIRD prize available to win! I know, right?? YAY! I'm really happy about this one, it's something from a brand-new Etsy shop that literally just opened. Details to come tomorrow on Friday, when I reveal the winners-- all THREE of them.

so, if you haven't already left a comment, well, you know what you need to do. Go! Go! :)

ps. It's not too late for that second entry either... and if you've already blogged about this giveaway PLEASE be sure you came back and left me a comment with the link, or I won't know to include you twice. And that would be sad, don't you think?