Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tonight, I am...

...craving chocolate. Mmm, what I wouldn't give for a bar of Ghiradelli dark with mint filling.

...thinking of the million blog posts I should get around to writing, as well as the oodles of comments I've been meaning to leave for others. Strictly speaking, I've made many comments on many lovely blogs-- they just all happen to be in my head.

...so very very tired of my children. It sounds awful, but somedays being a mom is just very exhausting and trying. Today was one of those days. However, tomorrow is a new day, thank goodness!

...incredibly sore. The gym is kicking my butt. And I'm loving it.

...missing many family members. Parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, grandmas. I would give even more for a great big family get-together filled with lots of hugs than I would for that Ghiradelli chocolate!

...so excited that I DO get to see my brother Elijah on Sunday! He's coming all the way from Virginia, and will be meeting Rosalie for the very first time. I can't wait!

...baking cookies for my husband. Because he loves cookies and I love him.

...wondering if the fact that I am going to spin class tomorrow would justify me eating several of the said cookies. Hmmm.

...watching Chopped with Jeremy. We heart the Food Network (and cuddling!).

...using cloth diapers for the very first time! I'm excited, and curious. We'll see how this goes!

...wanting to go back to the beach. And stay there. All summer long, preferably.

...hungering for a really good girl talk.

...wanting to find the perfect Scripture to end my day on the right note.

...too lazy to find any pictures to go with this post. Deal with it. :)

And that is me on a Tuesday evening. How are you, friends??


molly june. said...

you're random & cute & funny & i like you. like a lot :)

Band of Brothers said...

i second molly june's comment:)

and spin class? JEALOUS! how's your tush? mine would be sore from the bike seat...

and yes, missing family is the pits.

cloth diapers? i'm curious for you! can't wait to hear about it!

oh, hello friend. said...

hello dear friend!
i too have not written but have been keeping up with your posts! LOVE this list. love that red crib! ;)
haha, i want to follow that attitude, if i cant find a picture for a post, oh well! tough! the cookie thing - so sweet! i am so excited to e a mom one day but i know it is 24/7! you are amazing. and you are hilarious on a tuesday evening ;)

Lauryn said...

You're so sweet! Wanting that family hug more than your Ghirardelli! hehe.

Oh, and you should blog more about your cloth diaper experience! My parents used them with me and I'm so intrigued... It's so much more economical and environmental, but I'm curious if it's worth the work! Good for you for trying it out!

Glad you're content with everything right now :) It's a good feeling!

Angela said...

"...so very very tired of my children."
I can identify with this one today! Peyton is just NOT himself and I think I am going to loose my mind VERY soon! Tomorrow is always a new sweet day =)

Megan said...

I love this! Seems like you actually learn more about people from these everyday things. Also seems like you're in a "sowing" time right now. Early morning gym, caring for your family so well, cloth diapering, a THIRD child, and not to mention blessing the friends around you on a daily basis just like you bless me. May He honor your HARD work.

Joshley and The Charles said...

I am totally with you on the really good girl talk and chocolate!! I am totally craving girl time!!

Kourtni said...

I love this. And that day I was having some of the same feelings.... liiike.... tired of my kids. lol

Misty said...

so random and full of details! love it!!!

and you are so right, some days being a mom feels so completely unbearable but every day is new...

Sunny said...

What a cute post! I hear you on the tired of my children thing. I feel that way frequently. Bedtime is my saving grace some days. :) You are going to see your family soon, right?