Friday, March 27, 2009

baby days

hello world!!

I'm poking my head out of my little hole finally, to say hi to all you lovely people and let you all know that yes, I am indeed still alive! Just slightly preoccupied, that's all. :)

If I'm being honest, life these past two weeks has been a little bit overwhelming (although wonderful), and I just now am starting to feel a little bit more like myself again. Rosalie is the sweetest, dearest, belovedest (that totally should be a word) baby in the world... but she isn't exactly what I would call "easy". She hasn't been sleeping much at night, which means I've been getting on average about 2-3 hours of good sleep a night. And we've definitely had some difficulties with nursing. On top of this, Emma and Annabelle both got sick with awful coughs and colds the week after she was born, adding to the sleeplessness.... naps are hard to take when you have two other children needing your attention... laundry is a never-ending chore... it's no fun being sore and stiff all over and in certain sensitive places...

I know, I sound like a whiny complainer, don't I? But you know what? I really don't mind all of this. Yes, I am more tired than I've ever been in my life, but, the good news is, I am extremely happy and content. I have a husband who is super sweet and caring and is always there for me, my sister Lydia has been a huge help and helped keep me sane (she's stayed up with me until 1 and 2 in the morning many times!), the girls are simply adorable with their little sister, and we've been SO blessed by so many others. Our church family has brought delicious meals and little gifts, encouragement has come in the form of mornings at the park and long talks on the phone or sweet and thoughtful text messages, family has stopped by to say hi and help where they can... I am so grateful. And then there are all of you, of course, with your sweet comments and thoughts and prayers as we adjust to this new little person in our lives. Blessings galore. God is good!

(also, with the third child comes perspective! I know, from past experience, that this is a relatively short season of our lives, and she will be sleeping through the night and all that good stuff before we know it. This too shall pass-- I can handle it!)

And the greatest blessing of all, the one thing that really makes every sleepless night and everything else totally and completely worth it?


Every time I see her smile in her sleep and look at her little round face, whenever I cuddle her tiny body up to my chest and feel her soft head resting underneath my chin, each time she wraps her itty-bitty fingers around one of mine, whenever I stroke her adorable face with my fingertips or coo and talk to her while she is wide-awake and looking up at me, every time I watch her rest contentedly in the arms of someone I love... oh yes, I'll gladly take every little "hardship" that may come too. I LOVE this tiny person more than I can say already.

some pictures of Rosalie's life with us so far:

She loves cuddling with Daddy when he gets home from work
Grandma NetNet with her newest little darling

Auntie Lydia getting in some baby-cuddles
This is her favorite way to cuddle-- mine too!

Two of my beautiful sisters with their little niece-- incidentally, this was Rosalie's first real outing: a girly tea at Auntie Jessica's. Her first time in a big bow too!
Miss Genevieve checking out her newest future BFF
"Angry Rosalie" (this kid can REALLY cry-- she's surprisingly loud for such a tiny thing!)
From screaming mad to peacefully cute in a matter of seconds.

All my precious girls together-- my heart is melting at an alarming rate.
She's so cute I can hardly stand it...

And that, my friends, is my life right now. When there is all this delicious baby goodness right here in my very own lap, I'm sure you can see why blogging must take a back seat for now.
I hope you're all doing well-- I'll be popping by again soon, I'm sure!


Tristan said...

She is absouletly PRECIOUS! Just as beautiful as your toehr two!

Jenn said...

Congratulations again Talia! She is just gorgeous! I hope you can get some good sleep soon! Take care of yourself.

alyssa said...

I am so happy you had a chance to update, she is so precious!!! Ok, and that pillow, I am loving! did you buy it or did someone make it? I am sure you have plenty of help, but if you ever need help..I don't mind! I need little kid experience ;) My sister's baby is due in like, 5 or 6 weeks!

Sunny said...

Oh Talia, she is just precious and beautiful! I can't even imagine how exhausting it is to have three kids. If you ever want me to come over and watch the girls while you take a nap, I'd love to help out! I hope Rosalie figures out nursing and sleeping at night soon! I'll be praying for you and your family. :)

Morgan said...

Talia! I was just thinking about you! Last night, no joke, I had a dream that you had Rosalie but she was like, 4 years old when she came out. I was so scared for you, haha!

I'm so glad things are going well with your three gorgeous little daughters. Rosalie is an absolute beauty... she really does look just like you I think!

I'll be keeping you in my prayers, love you!

Sharon said...

Congratulations, Talia! She's so beautiful. I hope you begin to get some sleep soon.

Band of Brothers said...

*jumping for joy over a post from you*

this was one of my favorite posts of yours. i certainly DO NOT think you are the least bit whiny, in any way shape or form. you are being realistic and mom-to-be's need to know the facts. otherwise they will think something is terribly wrong if things come crashing down around them.

you are the dearest sweetest mom and your newest cuddle bug is so cute i can hardly stand it.

i have been thinking of you and will be praying that sleep returns to your land...and that nursing will go well. it is all so very difficult in the beginning and i have my share of fears for my upcoming bundle...but like you the contentment and joy overrides all else...but the beginning is TOUGH!!!!

lots of love!

Kourtni said...

Oh Talia, love love love your new pictures! In fact, I stole the one of Genevieve looking at Rosalie. I think she likes her already. ;)
The beginning is so tough, and you are so NOT whiney!!! It's a rare baby that sleeps all the way through the night and nurses perfectly right away. Most of them need time and practice! You are doing wonderful. If you need help... I'll watch the older girls while you take a nap or anything else you might need help with. Love you.

Kayla said...

Oh Talia my dear she is ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS! Such a precious gift from God :)) I love all the picture's and your family is just Beautiful my dear! LOVE YOU

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for updating with pics!
What a beautiful sweet girl

lorieloo said...

she (and you!!!) are SO darn cute! ugh! I just can't stand it. I think she looks the most like emma, especially in that picture of her sleeping in the little stripped onesie. So So So cute.

So next week won't be so crazy for me, so I'll call you and come take some pictures okay?

love you girly! hang in there!

*jimaie.marie* said...

Oooo! I want in on the baby cuddles, me! me! She is PRECIOUS!! Malachi was the same way with the SCREAMING one second and then blissfully peacefully the next, it was insane LOL She is just a doll!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! She so tiny and so tiny! I can't get over it. She's sooo tiny! It seriously makes Jillian seem like Gigantor or something. We're going to be in Bakersfield Sunday morning and afternoon...

Sara said...

Oh sweet Rosalie! I can't even imagine that little thing causing any ruckus at all! :) Isn't it interesting how the third just has to go with this crazy life your already in?! We had illnesses galore when Grady was born. There was no down time, no calm but really I think he's all the better for it. This is our life - full and crazy and fun and sometimes hard. They might as well learn that from the beginning!!

Steph said...

ohhh she's such a little cutie! So tiny all cuddled up on your chest! and you are looking fabulous, earrings and all! I hope she starts sleeping a little more, I'm sure you're exhausted. It's great though to have the perspective you do and that you are able to see the light at the end of the very sleep-deprived tunnel :)

Mommy Diffee said...

Ok I wish I could post on every single picture but I will keep it short and say they are all absolutely perfect!

And you think you are whiny?! I was so tired and grumpy with only ONE that I would not have even made a sweet post like you did! You have such a patient and sweet heart Talia, you should just have 10 children now!

Hang in there, this time WILL pass ... and you know that when it does you will miss it so very much! XOXO

sohobutterfly said...

Take your time, you've got your hands full! I'm glad you were able to pop in and share some photos of your beautiful family. :o)

*CPA* Su said...

My, my, my, she is simply adorable!!! I can see why your heart is melting because those pictures of your 3 girls is priceless! We hope you can be back with "us" soon...but in the meantime, we completely understand...and as long as you occasionally feed us some adorable pictures of your adorable kiddos, you know we'll be here when you return! :)

See Sherm Blog said...

HOW DID I NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST YET? I usually check my Google Reader from my cell phone and have to marked them as "keep unread" in order to go back and leave a comment when I'm back at my computer. I must have somehow forgot to mark this as "unread" and then it fell out of my Reader. Boo.

ANYWHO!!! She is so beautiful! I love all these pictures. In NO WAY do you sound whiny. You are my hero! I love the pictures of all 3 girls together too. :-) Your family is too cute.

P.S. Got your comment on my blog. My diaper bag is from California Leash Company. I added a link on my blog, but its easy to find if you google it.

Lauryn said...

I'm de-lurking to tell you that Rosalie as absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are able to get some sleep soon, but I so admire your incredible attitude about everything. It's so admirable that you can step back and see life's challenges in such a positive light :)

Welcome to the world, Rosalie!

Jerusha Abigail said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How did I never comment on this yet!? I've read this like a million times just because I adore the pictures. Rosalie is the sweetest little thing! And the pictures of the three girls...SO ADORABLE!! Annabelle looks so happy to be a big sister, i love it. :)
I can't wait, I can't i tell you! to see you all!! Let's hope for soon. May yes? I hope so! I miss you all! So so much.
I love you sister dear!! kisses to all!

Jerusha Abigail said...

oh and ps. i forgot to mention how i love her little legs. so cute! =]
and the pictures of her and jeremy are the cutest. i've always liked daddy and daughter pictures, they make me go "awww" :)