Wednesday, January 14, 2009

31 weeks

My goodness! The last time I posted a "belly shot" was when I was a mere 21 weeks along. I had no clue it had been that long! Well, there has definitely been some growing since then. Ten weeks makes quite a difference to a pregnant belly:

(Sorry for the really cruddy pictures. I'm rockin' the sweats and no-make-up look today. One of these days I'll have some really nice, pretty maternity shots for you all to see, I promise.)

Just for fun, I went back and found out all the posts that have belly shots in them. I literally laughed out loud when I saw my first one, I was so tiny. It seems eons ago! Would you like to see? All right, here, watch me grow:

So yes, as you can see, Rosalie is in there just growing away, and giving her mama quite the tummy in the process. If I'm being completely honest, I would tell you that I weigh more now than I ever have in my life. And while I'm very glad our baby is healthy and growing, that number (which you shall never know, I'm not being THAT honest) on the scale does freak me out just a little. But! It also makes me that much more excited to get back in shape once Rosalie is here and I have my body back to myself. (Can't WAIT to join in on Kerri's Work It Out Weekends! Whee!) I'm trying to be as healthy as I can during these last months of pregnancy, while still just enjoying it and the fact that it's ok to indulge just a leetle bit more right now. And usually, it's easy to be content with the size and shape of my ever-growing body.

Except... when this happens:

Nice lady who sees my pregnant tummy: Oh, so when are you due?

Me: The middle of March.

Nice lady who gives me and my pregnant tummy a funny look: Really?? Not until then?? So, are you having twins then?

Me: No, but thank you for making me feel absolutely gargantuan, and I hope someone calls YOU fat today! Pardon me while I go cry now.

(I didn't actually say that. Don't worry, I was nice and sweet. But it was a temptation.) The funny thing is, I have gotten the "are you having twins?" question twice. On two completely different and separate occasions, from two completely different people who don't even live in the same state. Not to mention the number of sweet little grocery-store check-out ladies who exclaim "Ooh, you look ready to pop any day now!". I know I'm nice and round and yes, even a bit large, but come on, people... I still have two months left, and trust me, there's only one kid in there.

(really, most of that is for amusement's sake. I'm not bitter. And I'm sure every pregnant person has experienced something like this at one point or another, no matter how big or small they may be. Apparently, being "with child" opens your entire body up for discussion by total strangers...)

Since this post is already way too long, I might as well make this the complete pregnancy update and tell you all how I'm feeling, since some of you have asked. I'm doing great really, aside from the usual weariness and uncomfortableness that comes with the third trimester, and a sore back and leg. This has been bothering me for a little over a week now, and I'm not quite sure if there's anything I can do to make it better, as I've tried going on walks, stretching, laying a certain way... all to no avail. Still, all in all, I feel good and am grateful for it.
Rosalie is a very active baby, kicking and punching, twisting and somersaulting, stretching and moving all the time. I love feeling her move, and being able to let others feel her. It's so reassuring and special, and as long as she stays away from my ribcage (which she doesn't, really, the little stinker), we get along wonderfully. I can tell she's running out of room in there, which makes me that much more aware of how close her arrival is getting. Only two months left before she's here!! This is both incredibly exciting and also a bit stressful. Now that the holidays and all their busy-ness have come and gone, I'm seriously thinking about all I have left to accomplish in what is seeming like a very short amount of time. Scrapbooking to catch up on, cupboards to be organized, closets to clean out, lists of needs to be made, baby items to be bought, a baby room to be painted and decorated, other decorating and painting projects to finish up, cleaning of all sorts, clothes and toys to sort through, aboutamillionother little things, and ohmygoodnesshowamIgoingtogetitalldone

But then I take a few deep breaths, calm myself with a few peaceful prayers, make another list or two which makes me feel so much more organized even if it doesn't actually accomplish anything, and realize that even if all these things don't get done before our baby arrives, it won't be the end of the world. Simply put, it will be the beginning of our little Rosalie's life here with us, clean cupboards or not. And it will be beautiful. And wonderful. And amazing. A sweet blessing beyond words. And we can't wait!!


Jerusha Abigail said...

I so love your pregnant belly. You're pretty darn cute! Even if we all teased the heck out of you out here...i really do think you're gorgeous and not having twins.
Yay for only having two more months left! I so cannot wait to meet little miss Rosalie. Feeling her kick was seriously so cool. Love her already. :)
Love you, sister!

Anonymous said...

I had those same comments too when I was about 6 months pregnant, even from some doctors that work with my mom. Several people asked if I was having twins. It looked like I had two basketballs under my shirt. :)

Tristan said...

So cute :)

See Sherm Blog said...

You look sooooo great! I love the belly!!

On the topic of other people voicing their opinions on your body... um yeah, I was asked if I was having twins A LOT when I first started showing. Apparently I was showing very early. It was so awesome to hear "Wow... you're so big already" almost every day.

I don't get it as often now, but still... people need to mind their own business. Speaking of... yesterday, I had reserved my "one cup of coffee a day" for a little coffee shop I knew I'd be near in the late afternoon. So I ordered up my vanilla latte... and when the barista handed it to me, she looked at me... then at my coffee... and said, "Oh... you meant to order DECAF right??" I looked and her and said, "No." (there was a bit of irritation in my voice) And her eyes kind of widened... and she looked down and my belly and just goes, "Oh." And turns away.

I was ticked. Some people have no clue.

Glad you are generally feeling ok though. It appears to be impossible to feel like our old selves when we are in this state. Hang in there, you're so close!

Ashley said...

You are adorable!

Not at allll fat.

The perfect amount of belly. :)

Misty said...

Seriously... you look FABULOUS! How do you do that?

Jenn said...

I must have got the twins comment about 5 times during my pregnancy. People should just learn to say congratulations and leave it at that. I think your belly is adorable and just the right size! :)

April said...

Hi Talia, I have never posted on your blog before but since we are only 3 weeks apart in our pregnancies, I totally know how you are feeling about all the "stuff" that needs to get done before baby arrives! I totally thought I would have the majority of my lists done by now, yeah right! But making lists definitely helps me as well. Glad little Rosalie is growing well! (BTW I'm Sunny's sis.)

Lisa said...

I'd have to go back and look at my blog, but I don't think I got the huge comments. I did get plenty of "You're so tiny, are you sure teh baby is healthy?" type comments though which, considering my first trimester, always made me freak out. The thing is though that I was measuring right on and even a little ahead, so people just didn't know what they were talking about.

Speaking of things to get done before your baby gets here, I need to make you a sling! I think I'll go scope out fabric today. :)

Sunny said...

Talia, I am NOT just saying this to be nice but I truly do not think you look like you are carrying twins!! I've seen some big bellies but yours is not one of them! People really need to mind their own business, seriously. I got "Oh, your face has filled out" several times. Not something a pregnant woman wants to hear!

And do not worry about the weight gain, you've gotten back to your regular size pretty easily with both girls and I'm sure you'll do it again, especially since you are already motivated to do it once Rosalie is born. I was my heaviest ever with Nathan and I STILL haven't lost all of the weight I gained. ARG!

sohobutterfly said...

You look so very beautiful, Talia. I love your beautiful bump, and I personally don't think you look big at all. You look JUST RIGHT! So try not to let people's comments get to you. *hugs*

Glad to hear that you're doing so well and that Rosalie is keeping you on your toes! :o) You should post more belly pics too - inquiring minds need to SEE! *lol*

faith said...

Your baby bump is the cutest thing ever!

Kourtni said...

Well, I think I shared with you some of the comments I recieved while pregnant. lol. I think you look SO CUTE. You definitely are not huge, and you don't even look like you're going to pop any minute. You look perfectly the right size. =) And I'm sure you'll have no trouble with getting back to your teeny self in no time. We will be in the same boat, so we can encourage one another!!

jennym said...

Your belly is so tiny and you look adorable, even in sweats! I have gotten a few of the "comments" as well, including "Oh my goodness, she's so BIG" (said to someone else and I overheard) and "My, you have BLOSSOMED"!

It will definitely be nice to exercise again and to wear clothes that I like and feel cute in :-)

*CPA* Su said...

My goodness is right! How time flies and babies grow!! I can't believe it will be a mere 2 months until that sweet little one is here!

Lydia said...

you are oh so cute! love it..and you know what? you really don't look like you're having twins. People are crazy is all.
Although I would think it's pretty cool if little emmett was in there. HAHA kidding kidding. Don't kill me. I can't wait till rosalie is here! I better be there!

The Thompson Family said...

You're just adorable! I really don't think you look that big at all. You've got a baby in there, what do they expect!? I'm so excited to see your little Rosalie!

Steph said...

Aww I love the Rosalie belly! And I CANNOT BELIEVE someone would ask if you were having twins! You are just so perfectly pregnant. Those would be some tiny little twins.

sarah marie p said...

Awww! Your bump is so adorable! You are seriously the cutest, especially because the rest of you is so tiny! Aww, we love our Talia! Can't believe Rosalie is almost here! So soon! I'm glad that you are feeling well and I hope your back and leg don't feel so sore.

sarah marie p said...

p.s. NO WAY do you look like you're carrying twins! That lady is completely crazypants! You are so small and your bump is the perfect size!

Talia said...

ok, you girls are all too sweet!! Whenever I have a "man I'm huge" sort of day, I am so going to blog about it, because you all just made me feel completely marvelous. hehe :)

oh, hello friend. said...

ohmigoodness, you are the most cute pregnant lady EVER! like, seriously. no question about it ;)

lol, my mom got a comment the other day - she's put on some weight since getting married again, she told a guy that he looked a lot thinner and he told her "you look great with some more weight on you!" hahaha.

your wishcake. said...

Ohhh! Baby belly! I love it! I always wonder why people are so vocal about their opinion on the size of people's bellies. The thing is, everyone is different. My sister, at the beginning of her pregnancy, was told by so many people that she was SO SMALL and since it was her first pregnancy, she kept freaking out thinking something was wrong.

You just can't win, can you? :)

And enjoy treating yourself (and Rosalie!) while you're pregnant. You deserve it. Oh, and I don't think I've told you how much I adore the name Rosalie! It is absolutely and completely perfect.

Your posts always make me smile. Such a lovely life you have!

Tristan said...

I'm having a giveaway..enter!!

Mom said...

You know what you can do to help that back and leg pain. I can't come out there , but did you want me to make you an appoinment with someone I know?

Kayla said...

Okay girlie I love this post and your prego belly and all but, there is all kinds of picture's I wanna see on here that you've been saying your going to put up! Well girl get on that!!! LOL You know i'm kidding I just enjoy so very much reading this it's so fun and it's such a great way to see what you've been up too! But, I do wanna see your new car lol LOVE YOU DEAR