Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's feeling a bit more real...

Hello, internet. Remember me? The girl who used to blog on here?? Sometimes, I would even comment on all your lovely posts... remember those good ol' days? I think I have something like 28 unread posts in my Google Reader. I'm missing you all!!

If you have been wondering where I am (either that or you've all gone and left me for lack of entertainment, in which case I would completely understand) I have two words for you: I'm pregnant. That about sums it up. More on some of that in a minute.

The ever fun and spunky Jimaie tagged me the other day for one of those memes where you have to write 6 things about yourself. I always love to get tagged, and this time I thought I would take a little liberty with the rules and turn it into my first real pregnancy update... because I probably couldn't come up with 6 interesting things about myself right now anyway. I have no functioning brain cells at the moment, you know.

But before I get into that, I must say something to a very sweet little lady who recently suffered a very sad loss-- that of her own precious little one, Baby Bee. Barbie is a woman who I've only met twice in real life, but I am learning so much about her through this heart-breaking circumstance and I have been completely blown away. Just read any of her latest blogs, if you haven't already (and I know many of you have and would agree with me 100%), and you will see what I mean. Her grace, her trust, her humble and godly attitude under such sadness has taught me so much, and it makes me SO grateful to God for how He is upholding and comforting her-- as well as for the sweet spirit He has given her. The reason I wanted to bring this up is that I can't help but feel for her as the rest of us share our pregnancy stories and pictures. I know she will sincerely rejoice with us, having seen what she is like-- but I also know that it might be hard sometimes. So, Barbie, dear bloggy friend, I just want you to know that each time I share throughout this pregnancy, I will be thinking of you and praying that the Lord is giving you your own special joy as you share in ours, as well as continued healing and comfort. Thank you for teaching us so much through your amazing example.

And now, onto the tag. I am supposed to give six unimportant, but interesting things about myself. Instead, here are six things about me and my pregnancy so far:

one. I felt perfectly fine and pretty much normal up until the Monday after I found out. Then, the tiredness set in. Oh boy, did it ever set in. Some days I am so tired that I find I have to lay down after doing a simple task like taking a shower (if I shower). It's all about doing just the bare necessities around here these days.

two. I don't really have morning sickness, or any kind of sickness. (pleasedonthateme, all you other poor pregnant girlies who do get sick. If I could help you out by taking a bit of it on myself, I would, I promise.) The only times I feel nauseated is when I don't eat frequently enough and let myself get too hungry. Or, certain smells and sights can make me feel a bit yucky. I am definitely NOT complaining though. I realize how blessed I am by the fact that there are certain ways my body doesn't respond to pregnancy, and I am so, so grateful for it.

three. Speaking of getting hungry-- hunger hits me like a brick wall these days. One minute I am completely fine and don't notice anything, and the next I am STARVING. My stomach growls ferociously, I feel completely empty and headachy-- there is nothing I can do but listen to my body and get some sort of food, anything, in there pronto. Pregnancy is so odd...

four. I can never, ever, ever get enough sleep. I could sleep a good solid 8-9 hours at night and still wake up feeling I could go for another 8 or 9. Any of you who've been pregnant know exactly what I mean, I am sure. Those wonderful little fetuses sure are a lot of work to grow!!

five. We (okay, mostly me) have started looking at baby names, but so far nothing has jumped out at me. Which is ok, because of course we have plenty of time. Until we know what we are having for sure and can really give this child a name, he (because right now I'm thinking of Baby as a boy-- it might be wishful thinking) has been given the loving nickname of Bertie. My sister Lydia and I were being goofy on the phone one day trying to come up with baby names, and I suggested "Bertram" (you love it, right?? :)). She promptly shortened it to Bertie, and even went so far as to refer to the baby as "Bertie" on my myspace page. Cousin Steph happened to see it, and asked quite politely if that was a name we were considering... all the while secretly wondering what in the heck we were thinking, I am sure. She then brought up "Bertie" in a comment on the post I did for her, and now it has completely stuck. I get asked by my family quite frequently how Bertie is doing. You'd all better get it out of your system now, folks, because this child is most certainly NOT going to be Bertie forever. :)

six. My very first "belly" picture! Is it just me, or could there be the beginnings of a baby bump there??
Or... maybe I am just a bit fat. Eating a lot and not exercising hardly at all WILL do that to a girl. I'd rather go with the baby bump though, if you please.


Lisa said...

I'll support you in the baby bump v. fat theory. :)

jerusha said...

ok first of all, i love your skirt! seriously so cute. :) i'll go with a baby bump. little bertie is growing. haha :) you know you love it.
and okay, i don't know barbie at all, but i read through some of her blog and oh my goodness, she sounds so wonderful and godly and i was close to tears myself reading her posts.
but anyways, i'm glad you blogged again, i was missing reading posts!
love you sister dear!

Steph Corwin said...

I agree your outfit is just darling! I love your little baby bump, that is totally all Bertie in there! I have a feeling this Bertie nickname may carry on through infanthood.. it's just such a cute nickname!!

Sarah Marie said...

You are so adorable! It's good to hear from you again! I'm sorry you've been so tired but I'm glad you're not getting morning sickness! Hee... Bertie is a cute name! And yes, that's totally a baby bump! Bertie!

caitlyn said...

its definitely a little baby bump! yay for a baby bump!

The Thompson Family said... sweet of you to think of me. Thank you for your amazingly kind words and prayers. Honestly, it's nice to read the positive progress in other pregnancies. It gives me hope and something to look forward to.

Yeah, that's a pretty tight little tummy. Like my goal size;) but I'm looking forward to seeing little Bertie turn into Big Bertie!

Band of Brothers said...

Um, that's what my stomach looks like right now and I'm not even preggers.Sheesh! You are adorable and this post made me chuckle. Perhaps the "zero brain cells" has made you even more charming than you already were:)

Bertie!!!! Ha, too cute.

*jimaie.marie* said...

dude, CLAIM THAT BUMP! :D i know i did asap ;)

i loved your spin on the post, you allllmost made me miss pregnancy with your cute updates!! ha.
Baby Bertie, -that- is hilarious! I love it. My mom coined Isaiah to be "Fred" while he was in my stomach, she still calls him that sometimes LOL
i remember that fatigue and hope that you'll be able to get plenty of rest somehow, its hard work growin a baby!! :D

Kourtni said...

HA... I could have written this post myself minus the "no morning sickness" part. *glare*. Hehe.. just kidding. I'm happy you're not feeling sick. It's really hard... I wouldn't wish it on you. And I have no idea what you're talking about a bump... I WISH my stomach was that flat when I'm NOT pregnant. lol..... CUTE cute!! Love ya.

Sunny said...

It's good to hear from you and glad things are going well! Girl, I'd call it a baby bump. It's really cute. My own stomach is bigger and I can't call it anything but fat! *wah!* Looking forward to many belly pictures!

Paulette said...

woohoo! Yay for a baby! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog for the first time and I've come to the decision that if my kids turn out as cute as yours I won't be able to stop myself from having as many as possible. Love your family!

anna joy said...

ohmygosh! yay!!!!

sohobutterfly said...

It's definitely a BUMP!!!