Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Highschool and whipped cream

Does anyone else get the wrong idea when they read that title?? Well, stop it, right now! This is merely an innocent blog about my weekend, that's all. You'll see.

Around 4:30 on Friday when Grandma Net-Net (Jeremy's mom) came to pick up the girls and whisk them away to her house for an overnight stay, I immediately went into extended date mode. A whole night without the kids! A morning where we could actually sleep in, together! Such bliss.

Jeremy and I started our time alone together by going to his ten-year highschool reunion. It was held at a local country club, and there were quite a few people in attendance. I, of course, knew absolutely no one, but it was great fun being introduced to Jeremy's old high school pals and helping him fill them in on his life now. We had a great meal, which was followed by the giving away of several prizes-- one of which I won! I wasn't even going to stand up when they announced this particular category, since I assumed it was just alumni and not spouses who were participating... but apparently in a room full of 70 or 80 people, quite a few of them female, I was the ONLY pregnant person!! (I was quite surprised at this.) So yes, I won a prize simply for being "with child", and it was quite a lovely one too-- all sorts of delicious-smelling body creams and such.

As the night progressed, we amused ourselves by watching the crazy drunk people (it really was kind of funny), and discovering that dance music turned up to a ridiculous volume that hurts ones ears and chests, is in fact NOT fun to dance to. Call me a dud, but I was ready to go home and take off my high-heels, snuggle up on the couch in the quiet of our cozy home, and relax with my honey. We did stay until 11, talking with some other people and saying goodbye to those we probably won't see for another 10 years.

It really was a fun night, even with the crazy drunk people and the too-loud music. I loved being just "Jeremy's wife" for a night and enjoyed seeing my husband interact with his old friends, and learning a little more about him through it. And you know what else? It made me proud of this man I am married to. So many of the people at this reunion acted exactly like they were still in highschool, getting drunk and partying, being loud and immature, and some of them didn't have a lot to show for the 10 years that had passed. I'm grateful for Jeremy and how hard he works, for the provider, husband, and father that he is, for the willingness he shows in taking on responsibility and being a mature adult, even from the time we got married when he was still quite young. And of course, lest I sound like a judgmental snob (I'm not trying to be mean, just truthful), there really were some lovely and interesting people that I met, people that I would love to see again and be friends with. It was wonderful to meet them and get to know them, and I hope it's NOT another 10 years before we see them again!
The single picture that we took that night. But it's a good one. Jeremy should have been voted "most likely to be sexy and adorable" in highschool. Then again, I am slightly biased...

The next morning, after sleeping in until the glorious hour of 9:30, we got up, got ready and decided to go out to breakfast. The morning was a perfect fall morning-- overcast and cool, smelling like rain as we stepped outside. Exactly the type of morning on which one should go out for a cozy breakfast date.

We went to one of my all-time favorite breakfast places, Mimi's Cafe. It's one of the coziest and warmest restaurants I know, and their food is SO GOOD. As soon as we were seated I ordered a cup of hot tea (another gray-day essential, of course), and Jeremy decided to get a cup of hot chocolate. The waiter inquired if he wanted whipped cream on top or not, and Jeremy told him yes. When he brought it to the table, we both started laughing. A more accurately descriptive question would have been "Would you like some hot chocolate on the bottom to go with your Everest-sized mountain of whipped cream?"

Seriously. Have you ever seen such a marvelous pile of whipped cream in all your born days?? Kudos to whoever squirted that on there, for it must have been quite a task getting it just right so it wouldn't fall over.

Needless to say, neither one of us were able to consume all that cream, but as it turns out, the hot chocolate underneath was quite delicious, as was the rest of that breakfast. And the time that we got to spend together without the kids was a precious blessing-- I'd been craving my husband and simply being his wife and nothing more, getting a chance to laugh and talk together without anywhere to be or anything to do. The weekend really was an answer to prayer.

And then, after we picked up our beautiful girls and returned home, we proceeded to spend the next 6 hours organizing and cleaning our garage. Emma can no longer make jokes... that place is now spotless, a prime example of what can be done with a lot of work and some good storage. But that is entirely another blog post .


alyssa said...

Ohhhh my gosh!!! That whipped cream is pretty ridiculous, and now I'd like to go to Mimi's and get that :) (I pretty much just lol'd here at my desk at work!)

I know what you meant about people being stuck, still, in high school after all those years! Steph and I have another 5 years for ours, yet I still see people my age like that and think they need to grow up. Maybe I'm just old, haha! :-/

Cheri said...

That is a ridiculous amount of whipped cream!! My girls and I will have to go there as they will think they have died and gone to heaven! :-)

Kourtni said...

OH my GOODNESS!!! That's incredible whipped cream! I can't believe it didn't topple over!!
Your evening sounds like it was soo much fun! I bet it was nice to meet some of the people Jeremy used to go to high school with. Oh and I totally know what you're talking about with the immature ADULTS who act like they are still 16. We missed Andy's 10th reunion by accident, but I've met a few of his school mates, and.... well. Yeah. HAHA. BTW you looked beautiful.

Oh... and I don't know why the comment thing wasn't working, but it seems to be now that I refreshed it. Silly thing.

*CPA* Su said...

Sounds like it was a weekend full of dates! How wonderful for you! And yes, that whipped cream mountain is quite impressive!! So glad you had a great time w/ your hubby!

Band of Brothers said...

ok, i just could not stop laughing at that picture of the whip cream.

i loved this post. what a wonderful weekend, with your wonderful guy!

sohobutterfly said...

Your whipped cream pic is HILARIOUS!

*jimaie.marie* said...

that whipped cream is HILARIOUS!!! I can't stop giggling at it, FOR REALS!! ohmygosh, so funny.

Lydia said...

haha who knew putting that much whipped cream on hot chocolate was even possible! that's so funny!
I'm glad you had such a great weekend! love you

sarah marie p said...

Oooh girl, you be scandalous with this blog title! Heh hehe! That whipped cream really is outta control! If I was the waiter I would have been scared I'd drop the whipped cream on the floor! Hee! I'm glad you had a lovely date with your hubby! That picture of you two is too cute!

Happy Halloween said...

That is so sweet! I am so glad you guys had so much fun girlie. You are too cute =)

Steph Corwin said...

Okay that whipped cream..... INSANE! That is hilarious and I'm so glad you got a picture!

Truth be told, I've never been to Mimi's for breakfast FOR SHAME! I'll have to go though now I that you've said it's good.

I'm glad you guys had a good night and morning to yourselves :)

Sunny said...

What fun! It's always nice to have a date night! I'm glad you two had fun and that you won a prize just for being pregnant. :) That is one mountain of whipped cream!

Jerusha Abigail said...

i so love that whipped cream picture!! that's so crazy! sounds like you guys had a good time! so yay for dates and alone time! :)
you're awfully lovely too
love you, sistah sistah!

lorieloo said...

yayaya whipped cream, hahaha....NOW WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THAT BELLY OF YOURS???? seriously...shouldn't it be soon???


anna joy said...

aww, how cute :D