Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Let me tell you a joke"

... So Emma said to me when the girls were getting tucked into bed tonight. A joke! I love little kid jokes. "Okay, Emma, go ahead."

"Why do you have polka dots on your dress (I did happen to be wearing a dress with polka dots on it) that eat chickens?"

"ummm, I don't know, why do I have polka dots on my dress that eat chickens?"

"I'm just kidding," she says. "Polka dots don't actually eat chickens."

"Oh... so is that the joke then??"

"Yes, but I do have another, better one."

"All righty," I say. "Let's hear it!"

She thinks for a moment. Then she says, "Okay, why is our garage dirty?" And before I can even answer or repeat the question in the proper joke-telling format, she finishes with:

"Because you have to clean it."

I can't help but laugh at my silly girl, but really, that last one hits a LEETLE too close to the truth to be funny.... :)

Oh, how I love my Emma Joy.


Andrea said...

Pa Dum Bump!! A littl comedian in the making!! Love the picture too! BTW you are so extrodinarily beautiful when you are pregers! Love the bump pics. See you next month on the 24th :-)


*CPA* Su said...

That is so cute! How innocent their little minds are! (You'll have to save this and remind her of how "funny" it is to get to clean HER garage when she's older!) =)

Lydia said...

haha! you have to love her. she's so adorable, and so funny. hehe
oh how I miss her.

alyssa said...

Awww, she's soo sweet :)

Steph Corwin said...

that is too adorable. I can just picture her saying that :)

Band of Brothers said...

i LOVE kid jokes. so stinkin adorable, i tell you. she is such a cutie pie. calvin just started to figure out how to tell jokes. well sort of... we think it's pretty cute too.

Sunny said...

Emma! She is too funny! I'm sorry her joke hit too close to home. My kids say stuff like that all the time. I am excited for Missionfest and hopefully we will get to spend a little time together!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

ROFL! Silly Emma! I have such a hard time with my kids' jokes - they're often seriously not funny so I'm like - ok, do I laugh to encourage their budding sense of humor? Or should I be more authentic and just smile at their creativity? HA!

sarah marie p said...

What an adorable story! Heee. It made me laugh! Your girls are so, so cute! I loved the polka dot joke! haha. And how she totally called you out on the garage! ha. Oh silly kiddos!

Jerusha Abigail said...

haha! oh emma. i love my girl. too funny. and so awfully random she is. :)

Kourtni said...

HAHA! Tell Emma that if she wants to think her garage is clean to come look at ours.