Monday, March 17, 2008

Green, green, green.

In honor of St. Patty's Day!

The spring wreath I made for our front door, inspired by the beautiful $35 ones I saw at Target.
This cost me all of 99 cents. I win.
(I bought the actual wreath at Ross from the clearance aisle for 99 cents, all bedecked in seriously ugly orange flowers and tacky ivy-- so I ripped 'em off, and hot glued on my own moss and flowers, both "leftovers" from other craft projects. The ribbon is from my ribbon jar.
See, I knew there was a reason I saved all those odds and ends!)
My new purse, which was a St. Patty's day gift waiting for me at church, courtesy of my Secret Sister. Thanks, whoever you are. I kinda love it a lot!!
Here you go, Lorie, since you asked:
our new grass in the backyard! Isn't it beautifully green and thick??
I just hope we can keep it that way...

The tree ring. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a beautiful, non-messy, fast-growing shade tree? :)

(Mom, just so you know, I'm still planning on e-mailing you pictures of the backyard, but I am waiting until Jeremy can take his camera out there with the wide-angle lens and really do it justice. Meanwhile, enjoy the sneak peek!)

Happy Monday, and a pleasant evening o' fun to you all.


Davi said...

Your green grass looks lovely. We are desperately in need of some tree suggestions too, with your same exact criteria! I'll be checking in to see what you end up doing!

Stephanie said...

so lovely! (now spending the rest of my workday researching trees...) hehe. I love the layout you chose for your backyard though, it's great!

thatmom said...

Hi Talia...

Lovely lawn, lovely purse, and lovely wreath. If you lived in Illinois I would suggest a sugar maple but since you don't I think a large palm tree is called for!

And, by the way, you have been tagged:

Lydia said...

your wreath is lovely..go you for being
and i'm lovin the grass..kind of makes me wish i knew how to do cart wheels. haha
love you sister

Jeremy said...

Remind me to take a picture of the yard with the wide-angle...I never think to do it when I get home from work.

alyssa said...

Cuuuute purse! :)
Your back yard is actually a nice size compared to a lot around this town! I want one!