Friday, March 14, 2008

Just watchin' grass grow


Really, that is what I'm doing right now (other than finally blogging). As I type this a large patch of grass is growing in our backyard, square by square of green, green sod. It thrills me to look back there and see something other than dirt and the concrete we've had for the past week. Now it REALLY feels like a backyard!! And as soon as it is ok to really be on it, we shall go turn somersaults and cartwheels like little girls-- good thing at least two of us are just that, and since I am sure Daddy will not be joining us in the cartwheeling and somersaulting, it looks like only I will be the foolish one. :) But I'm ok with that; having our backyard complete is a cause for much rejoicing! Already, since our concrete has been in, the girls are out there playing every single day, as much as I will let them. They even have cute little tan lines developing. Now that we have will have grass too (and trees soon to come, I hope!) I envision picnic lunches and storytime in the sunshine.

I just realized that after my post about the hearing last week Friday (thank you all SO much for your prayers) I neglected to give you an update about the outcome. Well, as it turns out, the parental rights did NOT get taken away at this particular hearing, due to some legality about proper notification. It's frustrating and a disappointment, but in reality, it is nothing more than a setback. The kids will of course remain with them, and things are still definitely moving forward to adoption-- we are all pretty confident that is where this is headed. All this means is that it will put the whole process back at least another three months, since it must be at least 90 days before another hearing can be had. There is much to pray for still, especially now that it will take even longer, but to quote Jessica: "everything will be wonderful and on that day when they are adopted, I shall praise God like never before. It will taste sweet." Amen to that, sister! (do you see what a wonderful attitude God has helped her to keep? She's such a great example.) It will all work out in the Lord's perfect and providential timing.

Have you ever noticed that the Lord always sends encouragement your way right when you need it the most?? I’ve seen this time and time again, sometimes in my own life, sometimes in others'. Today, it was both, and I am so very grateful for His hand that is always in our lives to help and guide us. He knows us and our circumstances better than any other. And I am so very grateful, too, for the people He puts in our lives to provide this encouragement. What an undeserved blessing.

To end this rather rambling post of mine, I'll tell you a funny little story. The other day we had to make a Costco trip, and it happened to be that time of day when the samples are on every corner. The girls and I were a tad hungry, so we walked around, "grazing" to our heart's content. One stand was handing out pita chips, and as the lady gave them to us she informed us they were the "Simply Naked" variety of a particular brand-- because they were plain, of course. We thanked her and walked on, nibbling on our yummy chips. Soon, however, Emma got my attention with a quiet "Mommy?"
I looked down to see her little face all in a worried frown. "What is it, honey?"
"Mommy, why are these chips naked??" She almost whispered the last word, as if it was too awful to even say.
I tried very hard not to laugh, as she was obviously quite concerned. "That's just what they're called, because they don't have a flavor on them."
I don't think this answer appeased her little mind, because she then said, even more distressed than before, "But Mommy, naked means BUTT!!"
Apparently, in her eyes, we were eating tuschie of some sort.

No wonder she was worried.


Megan said...

Oh my gosh- LOL about Emma. That is HILARIOUS. She keeps you laughing doesn't she?? It's so great that your backyard is coming along so beautifully, and even more great that you're going to take such advantage of it. Oh, the memories that will happen back there. = )

Stephanie said...

Haha Emma's brain is always working. I wouldn't want to eat those crackers either if that was what i thought! hah! yay for backyards! I bet that is fun

Lisa said...

I LOVE your funny stories about your little girls. I am seriously laughing so hard right now!

Davi said...

Oh I got a good laugh about that little story. too cute! Bummed that the hearing did not go as we all had hoped, but glad to hear spirits aren't completely dampered.

Davi said...
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Davi said...
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Scott and Lorie said...

I'm jealous, the other day I was starving and made several circles around costco in hopes of grazing on some samples but they were taking their own sweet time setting them up and I had a little one to feed.

You must post a picture of the grass! A full view!