Tuesday, August 7, 2007

bookin' it

Last night, a dream of mine came true: we started a book club! I seriously have always thought a book club would be so fun and such a great thing to be a part of, so this is a wonderful thing to me.
Jessica got it started for us by choosing a book and having it at her lovely home. We are going to be reading Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I am really looking forward to this book, since it is one that I have always wanted to read. And now I will get to read it in the company of many godly and intelligent women and be able to benefit from their insights and the discussions we will have.
Jessica dubbed us the "Blossoming Babes Book Club" (how fun is that!), and I think it is an appropriate name. Of course, because there are a lot of babes-- have you seen my girlfriends? All beautiful and gorgeous, I'm not kidding! :) But also, we do hope to blossom in certain areas of our life, and I think this book club will provide good opportunity for that. In reading the many and varied books that we have planned for the future, not only will we become better informed and well-read, but through different authors and topics our discernment will be challenged; our faith will have opportunity to grow as we learn about things like theology and the Christian life; as we spend time together in study and discussion relationships and friendships will grow; and through it all we will have the company of one another to challenge, give new thought, and hold each other accountable. I really pray the Lord will bless this endeavor we are making to become better women of Christ and help us to glorify Him through it all.
I will let you know how us "babes" get on with our books over time. :)

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thatmompodcast said...

Hi Talia.

I just stopped by to say hi and that I am enjoying your blog.

i am also a morning person, by the way....disgustingly cheerful at 4:00am! :)

Karen (Clayton's mom)