Monday, July 30, 2007

Is it really only 3:30??

Well, here it is 3:30 on a Monday afternoon, and I thought I would take a little time to blog a bit. I'm warning you though, this is probably going to be a very rambly and rather pointless post, as I really have nothing in particular to say. :)
You know, one thing about getting up at 5:45 is that the day seems MUCH longer. Don't get me wrong, this is a very good thing in the sense that I can get a lot done and have time for things I normally wouldn't, if I am diligent. However, an hour or so ago as I finished a task I thought to myself "hmm, I'd better think about dinner since Jeremy will be home soon". Imagine my surprise (and dismay, I might add) when I looked at the clock and it was only 2:30!! Poop. Now I have to wait another three hours to see him instead of the hour I was anticipating. That is one reason I am writing this blog. Just passin' time!
Today was our Costco shopping expedition. Emma, Annabelle, Jessica, and me: we take Costco by storm and love it! Maybe it's silly, but I just love our Costco shopping trips. I get so excited before we go. Perhaps it is the anticipation of finding a great deal, something we just can't live without; or maybe it is the knowledge that soon, my fridge and freezer will be restocked and we can actually eat; or perhaps it is the yummy huge hotdog I can get for $1.50; or maybe it is just knowing that I will get to spend an hour or two with some of my favorite girls in the world. Do you see why it is a highlight in my week? :)
In other news this week, I finally get to go to playgroup. We'll be watching a free kids movie at the Marketplace: Ice Age 2, The Meltdown. It should be fun! My kids hardly ever get to go to the movie theater, so I'm sure they will love it.
Also, I'm going to shop for an armoire for our bedroom this week!! I'm super excited. I've never really bought a fun piece of furniture before, so I can't wait. Our yard sale that we had over the weekend went very well, so I'm even equipped with a decent amount of money to get something. I think it will be the very thing our bedroom needs, and am praying God will lead me to just the right deal.
As I write I am listening to the song on my Myspace page, which happens to be fabulous. It's by a group called Pink Martini (they play what I like to call "vintage" music), and the title of this particular song is "Hang On, Little Tomato". I love the way the music sounds, but I think I would love the song just for the title alone-- it's so deliciously cute and quirky.
Tonight.... we are renting a movie and vegging! I love nights like this. I can't wait to relax with my husband and just enjoy a good flick. Hooray!
I hear a little Annabelle awake in her crib, so I should go. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly ramblings. I hope all of you had a great Monday, and a blessed week ahead of you.

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Lisa said...

Ooooo... fun! Furniture! I can't wait till we can buy some more.

I always spend way too much at Costco... so even though I have a membership through my dad, I never go. Except to get gas.