Friday, July 6, 2007

what I learned from a fairy tale

To get us started, here is a blog I wrote today over at myspace. I'm going to kill two birds with one stone, and do this a lot! :)

This may sound silly. And this may be pointless. But bear with me; I thought this might be a fun little blog to write. :)
My girls have been watching a LOT of Cinderella lately. When I let them pick their one movie to watch each day, it most often is this one. Thus, I have gotten to know the story and Cinderella herself in a whole new way. When you see a movie 15 times, even if you are cleaning while it's on, you start to analyze and overthink things just a wee bit. :)
I've decided that Cinderella could be a very good role model. Why, you may ask. Well, let me tell you....
1) She is very patient and forbearing. Look at all that she puts up with from her evil stepmother and stepsisters. They are constantly berating, demanding, selfish, mean, and rude to her. And yet, we see Cinderella patiently and cheerfully waiting on them, saving her frustrations for times when she is alone instead of lashing out at those who make her life hard. I could just imagine her going up to her little tower room to pray about her troubles and gain what she needs from the Lord. Of course, that was never a part of the story, and even if it had been I kind of doubt Disney would have included that. But still, it's a nice thought...
2) She is very hard-working and efficient. Up at the crack of day, plunging into her work straightaway, accomplishing much even before breakfast. She keeps at it and works hard. And have you seen the way she brings the baskets of laundry out on her head so that she can still manage to carry the breakfast trays? Now there is a trick I would like to learn!
3) She always looks presentable. I love how in the movie they show her performing her little getting dressed routine, washing and freshening up, tying her hair back with her pretty blue ribbon, slipping on her dress. She may only have rags to wear, but she does what she can to make herself look lovely, even though she is only going to be scrubbing floors after all. Of course, getting ready might be easier, quicker, and certainly more exciting if we all had cute little birds and mice to help us perform our morning toiletries.
4) She can dance a waltz beautifully. Where did she find time to dance so graciously and beautifully in the arms of her love? I don't know, but if Miss Cinderella can find time to learn such things, certainly we could all take a little time to pursue the interests we love and the things that make us a more fitting companion.
5) She has a great attitude and makes the best of things. She may have a floor the size of a small state to scrub (on her hands and knees, no less-- no handy-dandy wonder-mops for this girl), but she does it cheerfully, singing her little song. And, as another sign of her good attitude and patience, she actually didn't kill the cat when he put his dirty paw-prints all over her freshly-scrubbed work. I am pretty sure that I would have throttled him...
Maybe, if you ever watch the movie again, you will be able to find even more reasons to admire this fictional girl. I know it is just a silly little story, after all, but for me, I guess it just goes to show that there are lessons to be found and learned in many things. Even fairy tales!

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