Friday, July 6, 2007

Now I have one too....

I decided to finally start a blog. A page just for blogs, that is. please don't think that it is because I feel I have anything overly important or exciting to say, or that I think I merit not only a myspace page and a family website, but also a blog now too (see how much technology is such a very large part of our lives??)... I am perfectly happy and content with writing the occasional blogs on my little myspace site and relying on my husband to document the really big events on our family page. It's just that some people don't do myspace (gasp!!), and I hate knowing that because of that, I can't keep in touch with them as well as some others. So, for all you who fall into that category, here I am. :) I will try to be consistent in posting updates, thoughts, and life in general on here.


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