Monday, July 16, 2007

visions of hydrangeas danced in my head

This morning, after another fabulous early morning bike ride, I took advantage of the (relatively) cool morning to plant some watsonia bulbs that a dear friend gave to me. I should backtrack a little here and explain what a watsonia is: it is a gorgeous, tall, white flower that is a "cousin" to the gladiolus. They are easy to plant, easy to maintain, and positively wonderful for bouquets. I love them. They also multiply each year until they are in huge clumps and need to be dug up, separated, and scaled down. This is why it is a yearly occurance for this dear friend to show up at church with watsonia bulbs to hand out to any who want them. Each year, I have wanted to take some, but never did, because what was the point of planting them at an apartment where I would not get to enjoy them for very long? But not this time; I finally have my own yard to make a garden and beautify as I desire!
As I was out in the sun digging holes and planting my bulbs, I couldn't help but daydream about the way I want our yard to look. I looked around and saw the perfect places to put rose bushes, hydrangeas, climbing vines, a tree.... I just pictured my gorgeous watsonia blooming tall and white behind a pink rose bush entwined with ivy, maybe beside a small fountain or birdbath.
It is a good thing I have a husband who will no doubt, in his practicality and wisdom, remind me of the expense of making my visions a reality and will reign me in. Not to mention the fact that I have a LOT to learn about plants and what works where.
All in good time. But I think I will go buy myself a hydrangea bush soon.


Lisa said...

Haha! Have fun landscaping.

Barbie said...

Hi Talia...since we obviously have some friends in common (Lorie, Megan, Stephen and Lisa), I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Barbie and I used to go to Westbrook... I actually used to be in college group with your hubby. I'm also the psycho who recognized your kids at Target a couple of months ago from Lorie's pictures (that's before I realized you were married to Jeremy). So anyways HI! Oh and you'll have a beautiful garden one day, it just takes time and in this weather some good luck! We buy bulbs at costco each fall and just keep adding to our yard. Bower vines (they're an evergreen and have white flowers/trumpets with pink centers) are a great, hardy vine. Congrats on the new house!

Talia said...

Hi Barbie, I remember you! :) It is a small world, as they say. Thanks for introducing yourself, I will have to tell Jeremy and see how good his memory is too.
thanks also for the plant tips! That vine sounds beautiful, I think I'll have to try it out sometime. Thanks. :)

Megan Mills said...

I loved reading this. I just picture your presence being that of beauty and not to be TOO corny, but priceless God-beauty as well. Your family is going to have such a good influence on all kinds of neighbors, and the beauty of your garden will beckon people's curiosity I think!

Megan Mills said...

Ohhhh and I LOVE hydrangeas too! I just planted one myself about 3 months ago. Still no flowers. They are one of my favorites. When I was preparing for our wedding and looking for hair styles in bridal magazines I saw a clip that said, "A few flowers to NOT put in your hair...hydrangeas, ...." Come on, WHO on earth is going to put a big hydrangea on their head in their wedding. I can just picture it, balancing on top. HAHA

Lisa said...

Haha! A hydrangea on someones head! That's funny Megan!