Thursday, October 25, 2012

oh, just life.

 Autumn has finally arrived in Bakersfield, praise be! Autumn makes me ever so happy. Ridiculously happy. I only need to feel the breeze blowing in through a window, or step outside into the autumn sunshine ("autumn sunshine" is defined as that type of sunshine which does not roast, bake, broil, or fry you in a matter of minutes and is a very delightful thing), or wake to a chill which requires me to pull the covers closer, or detect the smell of rain in the air to be sent into a state of pure bliss and contentment.
The skies even seem a cooler blue, a deep and restful blue, made over with pleasingly fluffy clouds that float along calmly and contentedly. And the roses in my garden are finally back in bloom, with a vengeance, as if they also were just waiting for the too-hot days to disappear before venturing to come out and breathe in the air.

 Let's look at some pictures and see what we've been up to lately, shall we? ok then!

We've been spending lots of time outside in this glorious weather, playing and imagining all sorts of things. And even though it's not summer anymore, sunglasses still make us look really cool, so we wear them.

 Bennett-boy loves to be outside too; it makes him very happy! He hangs out in his swing or bumbo on the patio and watches his sisters play, wide-eyed and content. I'm sure he's dreaming of the day when he'll be right there with them, running around and getting into all sorts of trouble.

The little mister can't spend all his time outside, of course, so in his spare time he makes friends with Pooh bear,
 and charms us all with huge smiles and lots of wonderful sweet baby noises.
This kid, he's a little heart-melter.

We went to the beach one afternoon, to visit Uncle Elijah and soon-to-be-Aunt Lindsey. It was Bennett's first time at the beach! I think he liked it. He sucked on his fist the whole time and kept Mommy warm.
 As always, Emma and Annabelle had a grand time, running about and building walls with their uncle to keep us safe from the sea monsters. Of course.

This picture is so blurry, but I love it. It makes my heart happy and captures dear Annabelle just perfectly.

 When schoolwork for the day is done, the girls often play together, whatever fancy has overtaken their imaginations, and it almost always involves dressing up as something.
Rosalie's getups, which are many and varied, are quite wondrous to behold and always make me laugh. You never know what this child will choose when it comes to her outfit.

 This particular one consists of an old skirt of mine, a sash from a flower girl dress, a sleeping beauty ring, her old brown flip-flops, and a colorful headband. Perfection.
Speaking of dressing up, these old glasses of mine make a lovely pairing with that cute toothless smile and crazy curly hair of Annabelle's.
 As for Emma, she is becoming ever more the helper to me. Her latest accomplishment is changing diapers, and she begs me to be allowed to do it. Sure, why not?? I do not object to offers of diaper-changing.

 Really, life is simple and sweet these days, even though busy and full.

We're just hanging out.

Sometimes with puppy dogs on our cute lil' booty.
you know, the usual.

Oh! I actually decorated something:
The wall above my piano is finally filled, something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I was just waiting for the right combination of things, and I found it in old pieces of sheet music, this bike I've had forever, a fun metal sign purchased at World Market, a greeting card I found in a drawer and framed, and a charming little print (seen below in full detail since my camera captured too much glare) from the lovely Molly.
It's a very random assortment of things, and perhaps a bit haphazard, but it's fun and colorful and I like it.
(oh looky, that statement perfectly describes this blog post too. heh.)  
my soul does sing! God is good!
*the end*


Tristan said...

your blog always make me smile :)

your babies are just so beautiful..just like you!!

mary jo said...

Lovely blog again, my dear:)

I am very excited about seeing you all in just a little over a month and we can do some lovin' on those cute grandkids you have provided me!!

Lindsey said...

Those pictures are adorable! Please dress Rosalie in that getup for the wedding!