Monday, September 17, 2012

things I wish I had time to do, but totally don't.

yes, I really am writing a blog post about this.
prepare yourself.
it's going to be riveting.

are you ready??

ok. here it is.

I give you my list of Things I Wish I Had Time To Do, But Totally Don't.

1. gardening. Our yard has so many dead or unruly plants in it, so many bare patches that need some green. I want to be in the dirt and plant things and watch them grow again and bring some new life and color into our yard.

2. exercise. Because, really, I don't suppose this post-fourth-baby body of mine will magically tighten up and slim down on its own? will it? I have to exercise?

that's what I thought. sigh.

3. reading. I miss books, and I miss a great story. Besides, I have a feeling that getting a chance to read a book that's not written for a child would be good for my brain!

4. sewing. My closet shelves are stacked with fun and lovely fabrics and I have a good friend who just had her first baby, an adorable little girl. Those little girl fabrics are calling out for me to make a blanky. And my cousin is having a baby boy soon! and I realized the other day that my very own little boy has not one Bennett blanky made just for him. Yes indeed, a date with my sewing machine would be nice.

5. crafts. what are those, again? hot glue? paint? huh? these things are no longer a part of my life, and I want them back.

6. cleaning. I do what I can, when I can. but it never gets done as much as I want it to be done. this, however, probably does not bug me nearly as much as it should.  I do love to have a clean home, though. and I promise we don't live in a pig-sty.

7. talk on the phone. We have lots of family that is far away. and lately it feels like I don't get to talk to them nearly as often as I would like. I'm missing that connection. thank goodness for texting! It's the only way we can share the important parts of our day, such as what we're having for dinner, or what our favorite routine on So You Think You Can Dance was. You know, the really crucial things.

8. nap. I'm tired and sleepy. and I like naps. thankfully, since napping is almost never an option, I also really like coffee.

8. blogging. That way, I wouldn't have to resort to lame posts like this one... I bet that would make you happy too, wouldn't it??

It's true that there is never enough time in one day to accomplish half of the things I need to do, much less the things I just want to do. If I'm caught up on one thing it feels amazing.
Why, just the other day, all the laundry got washed, dried, AND folded. I'm pretty sure I now know what it feels like to successfully climb Mt. Everest!

Truth be told, silly lists aside, I don't mind the busy-ness of life right now. These four little people that inhabit my home and my heart are worth every minute of crazy.

this picture is just one of many from Bennett's newborn session, taken by the one and only Lorie Chambless.
in case you're wondering, yes, my mommy heart did melt within me when I saw this.
I'm blessed beyond words.


Lisa said...

OMG, that picture! Cute. Um, it kind of makes my ovaries ache for a fourth, not going to lie. Which I can't even believe I am saying. What the?

We should plan a sewing date. The boys have these philosophical discussion dates, we need a sewing date. The boys can have all the kids and we can sew together. I think we should.

bandofbrothers said...

little miss annabelle looks like a blonde version of you in this pic! and i'm dying form rosalie's little hand. such a great pic.

i don't get to sew much or read much either. and what, pray tell is gardening? never heard of it;)

glad you popped in here! don't be a stranger, ya here?