Tuesday, September 11, 2012

let's sail away.

It was a very big box. Big enough to be whatever they wanted it to be.
And so, it sat in our living room for days and days on end, always in the way, but never getting thrown out, simply because I hadn't the heart to take it away.
It was a canvas for art, becoming covered in doodles and drawings on all sides.
Sometimes, it was a ride at a county fair. They climbed inside with a pillow and pushed each other around, rolling it from end to end, shaking it all around, screams and giggles emanating from within.
Another time, it was a hot tub, and they sat luxuriously inside it, imaginary water bubbling all around them.
One day, the box became a boat. Photobucket
They packed their backpacks full of supplies they would need on the long journey ahead-- teddy bears and books and a daisy duck all included, of course-- wrapped themselves in their favorite blankets to keep the cold ocean air away, and set off into the waves.
When it began to rain and storm, they were prepared with their paisley pink umbrella to keep them dry. They could continue on, all smiles and excitement for whatever lay ahead in the great big ocean.
What would these three sailors, these sojourners of the sea, encounter? Winds and rain and waves so high, perhaps a friendly sea monster or two? Schools of fish, a sea turtle, maybe an encounter with their very own Nemo? Far-off islands shrouded in mists and mystery, beaches of sand and palm trees in tropical breezes, dolphins frollicking in the waves?
One can never say for sure, when one starts off an adventure such as this. One must be prepared for anything. Because, you see, when one's imagination is taking you places and showing you the world, and a box is not a box but a boat, anything-- and I do mean anything-- is possible.


molly june. said...

hehe! we had this very same box in our living room for daaaays :) and i didn't have the heart to chuck it either, so now it's on the patio. i love imaginations at work. thee best! [and let's be honest, i really love the 30 minutes of no kids muttling in my ears. ahhh!]

Lisa said...

So cute! Love this bit of writing!