Friday, May 4, 2012

the pregnancy: eleven things

oh, hey there!
remember that one time when I announced we were having another baby? our fourth one to be exact?
and then I mentioned it again like two months later, and included some pictures that didn't even really show a baby bump?
and did you notice how that was over three months ago now, and I have yet to even do a proper post about this pregnancy, like, at all?

I know. It's horrible. I'm horrible. Poor dear little baby #4.

To help make up for it (at least a little), here are eleven things about this pregnancy, accompanied by way too many baby bump pictures (I honestly do not need to look at this much of myself these days. but some of you have requested said pictures, so here they are. heh.)

one. I am now 29 weeks pregnant... but if anyone asks me how far along I am, I just say "oh, about six-and-a-half months". I can NEVER remember the weeks, am horrible at keeping track, and I totally had to get out my calendar and do some serious counting in order to label this picture.
two. the official due date is July 14... or wait, is it July 17? Seriously, people, I'm horrible. I'm due mid-July! There, that works. I can hardly believe how CLOSE that seems... the very fact that I'll be 30 weeks pregnant next week makes it seem like it is right around the corner. I'm glad for this fact, especially since it's starting to get warm in this part of the country and the discomfort level is already rising, but I am also equally freaked-out, just thinking of all that should be accomplished and happening before then.
three. It should be noted that these pictures of me in the skirt were taken after church one Sunday, and I must admit that I do NOT usually look like that these days. These next two are a more accurate representation of my day-to-day pregnancy style.
hair up in a messy bun. my favorite pair of jeans. a simple and comfortable top that hides certain curves just a bit. whatever makeup I have time to throw on before a piano student shows up at my door. a necklace, because it makes me feel like I tried. ha. and, of course, bare feet, because I only wear shoes if I'm going somewhere, and then it's usually my Toms or a pair of flip-flops. (thankgoodness messy buns and Toms are totally in right now.)

four. This little one is a very active baby, always kicking and punching and rolling around in there. I love feeling that every single day, and I'm soaking up the experience. I don't appreciate so much the vigorous kicks to the ribs or the bladder, but I can't blame the kid... I'm pretty short, so there's not a lot of room between one or the other in there!

five. I'm not sure what it is-- the fact that I started this pregnancy with a little bit more weight than my others? maybe this kid is going to be bigger in birth size? perhaps it's just the way the baby is sitting inside me? maybe it's just the fact that this is my fourth time around?-- but I feel so much bigger with this pregnancy. Large and in charge, folks. Sometimes when strangers ask me how much longer I have to go and I tell them I'm not due until July, they give me that look. The one that says "oh, pardon me, I thought you looked like you could be going into labor at any minute, you poor woman." I've honestly been pretty good about my eating this pregnancy, and have definitely been able to stay pretty active (that happens naturally), but it doesn't seem to matter: I'm big, and no help for it. Proof:
oh goodness. Angle is everything.
There, that's a little better. :)

six. My cravings this time around have ranged from the very good (mangos! strawberries! broccoli! non-fat frozen yogurt!) to the awfully bad (cheeseburger and fries! chips! lucky charms!). Once the nausea finally went away and I was able to give up on the saltine crackers and ginger ale that had become a daily staple, I was glad to have these cravings, and so, I must admit, I've indulged when they've hit. Thankfully, the healthy cravings have been much more dominant than the not-so-healthy ones. Whew.

seven. The girls are so excited about this baby, which makes my heart happy to see. Emma is always saying "I can't WAIT for July, I just want the baby to BE here!", Annabelle puts her hands on my tummy and kisses it, and Rosalie, while she doesn't fully understand, talks about "the baby in mommy's tummy" too. These three are going to be the best big sisters to this little one.

eight. Jeremy and I haven't chosen names yet... we're having a little bit more difficulty this time around, and part of it is that we haven't really even taken the time to just sit down and figure it out! Like I said, it's all going by so fast. My goal is to have that done... well.... before I go into labor, preferably. heh. We are open to suggestions, so give us some ideas if you have some tucked away that you don't mind sharing!

nine. Even though I know newborns bring an exhaustion of their own with them, I will be so ready and willing to trade that for this pregnancy exhaustion. I am quite literally tired. all. the. time. It truly is a tiredness you can't get rid of. And naps are few and far in between these days. Oh, how I love naps. I wish there were more of them in my life, I really do.

ten. we do NOT know the baby's gender, nor will we know until the little one makes his or her arrival into this world. I suppose it maybe would have made more sense for us to find out, since if this one does happen to be a boy we will quite literally have nothing for it, but for some reason I just didn't want to know this time. I love the extra anticipation and excitement that is there in not knowing, and I'm surprisingly laid-back about being prepared. If it's a girl, we're pretty much good to go, since I've saved lots of stuff. If we actually do have a boy, I'll have a couple of packages of white onesies on hand, and then we and everyone else who wants to can go crazy and have fun buying BOY stuff for a change! oh boy oh boy. We shall see... I'm so incredibly excited for that moment when we know who this little person is, this new addition to our family.

And boy or girl, the thought of a brand-new little baby to hold in my arms, another tiny person with which to fall in love, one more child to be nephew or niece and grandbaby to our dear family all around us... it makes me positively beam with joy.

eleven. This:
hi, little babe. even tucked away in mommy's belly, you're still awfully cute. you're such a blessing, and we thank God for you already!

ps. I know, longest pregnancy post ever. sheesh. does this get me off the hook for a while?


Sunny said...

You are NOT big! You are pregnant and adorable! I can't wait for you to have this baby, I'm dying to know if the baby is a boy or girl. No matter what, this little one will be a blessing to your whole family!

Danae said...

Oh Talia, I'm so in love with your writing, you could be talking about the color brown and I would be eating right out of the palm of your hand! :D (brown, eating, not two words that should be used in the same sentence)
How very very lovely that you wrote this out for us and for posterity's sake. The pictures were icing on the cake, how beautiful you and the baby are, how excited we all are to meet this little one and have another Bridgman to love and be thankful to know!! <3

bandofbrothers said...

no matter how hard you try, you cannot convince me you are big. you are so petite and little and tiny! completely adorable, okay? and amazing. and i love your outfit.

you are the sweetest mama ever and your baby is gonna be so blessed to have you and your doting helpers!!!!

katygirl said...

Talia!! You are so adorable!! And I love this post!

Amy said...

I agree with the other commenters. You are absolutely adorable! What a lucky baby to have three big sisters too!

molly june. said...

no, you are not off the hook.

and, hi. i have MISSED you so.

um, yes, you are completely ADORABLE [and so not large & in charge, but i get you on that. i totally felt that way too. large! and definitely in charge! baha.]

annnd, hi sweet baby! hi-eeeee!!!! i am giddy with excitement at the thought of meeting you someday. i will make it to your neck of the woods again soon! i will. i will. i will.

*CPA* Su said...

Your skirt is adoralbe! And if you guys could find out the gender and only tell me, that'dbegreatthanks! ;-)
(I can't stand waiting for people to find out at birth! LOL!!!)