Monday, January 23, 2012

on Sunday...

...I felt cute.

And I decided that I should blog about it. After all, it's practically an event!

If you've ever been 15-ish weeks pregnant with your fourth child, you know what I mean. :)

So, in honor of a good hair day and an outfit that worked, you get a gratuitous fashion post.

cardigan: goodwill
tank top: forever21 (their basic tank tops are the best!)
dress: target clearance
teal belt: goodwill
lacy tights: forever21, a christmas stocking stuffer from my seester
boots: goodwill

I love these boots. They were $4.50, and they're the most incredibly comfortable and sturdy boots I own. They're beat up and worn and scuffed, but that makes me love them even more.

Can you believe I'm already nearly sixteen weeks pregnant? It honestly seems like we just found out about baby a few weeks ago. It's crazy how quickly this is going by

I'm always tired, often nauseous, sometimes broken-out like a teenager, awkwardly getting bigger (all over, it seems. it's delightful. ha.) and struggling to keep up with things around here....
but I'm really, honestly, truly, and completely thankful for these things.
This babe of ours seems to be growing and healthy so far, my pregnancy has been free from complications or serious sickness...and I've realized afresh with this pregnancy what a huge gift these things are. It is not one to be taken for granted and one for which I try to remember to praise God daily.
(sometimes unsuccessfully. I can get rather grumpy! but I'm trying, I really am.)


Here's to lacy tights and vintage boots. Here's to sweet little baby #4, already a blessing to us.

and here's to all of you, may you have a lovely week ahead of you!


RachelRuelas said...

EEkkkkk Tali you look ADORABLE! i have some grey riding boots very similar to those, and they don't look very worn, i'm gonna take a scuffer to em.... ps another cute way to wear them, it's how i wear mine, is to take the laces out and turn the sides of the top, not the tounge, down with some thick wooly socks sticking out the top.. enough run on sentences. you look lovely

thatmom said...

So cute!!!!!

Lauryn said...

You always look cute Miss Talia, but I totally understand what you mean.

I love that turquoise belt! It reminds me of warm weather :)

Ashlei Paige said...

You looked so rawr. So gorgwaaah!!!

bandofbrothers said...

love love love the lacy tights and boots! so very fashionable! you are the cutest! love you!

molly june. said...

ah, LOVE. you are gorgeous, ms. talia. GORG-E-O-SO.

baby #FOUR!!!!!! sometimes i forget. but OHJOOOOY!!!!!!!!

your wishcake. said...

I still can't believe another little nugget is on the way! Baby 4! Yaaaay! :)

You look ADORABLE. I always love your outfits. You make me want to put on something aside from yoga pants and nursing tanks…hmmm…

*CPA* Su said...

F21's basic tanks ARE the best!! After reading your post last week (yes, I'm just barely commenting THIS week!) I went to F21 on Saturday and stocked up because they had SO many colors out!

When do you find out what that little blessing is???