Saturday, January 21, 2012

friday night with the backstreet boys.

do you know the backstreet boys?
they're good friends of mine.
well, their music is anyway.
'round here, we love a good boy band dance party.
we danced tonight.
Emma with her wild and silly moves,
Annabelle all grins and jumps and twirls,
Rosalie feeling every beat and bringing her own flair.
as for me, well, I just tried not to completely lose my breath.
(pregnant+dancing= wow, I'm out of shape)

the dog joined in too, nipping at little heels and leaping and bounding wherever she could.
it was craziness.
and joy.

Rosalie and I spun and spun,
round and round until we were so dizzy that we fell to the floor,
just laughing.

and then, at that moment, she grabbed my face in her hands
and gave me a kiss, followed by a brilliant, nose-crinkling smile.
my heart melted,
and I realized this was one of those sweet moments
that I never want to forget.

it's not every day that has them.
but they will always come, popping up here and there,
an encouragement and blessing, a reward,
in the midst of all the nitty-gritty,
the sometimes-overwhelming work that being a mama is.

and as I sank into our couch to recover from our dance party,
a smile and Rosalie's kiss still on my lips,
and Emma and Annabelle gathered round for one last story before bed,
I couldn't help but be overwhelmed in a totally different way.
I'm really, really glad I get to be a mother.
I know it's a gift.
thank you, Lord.
for dance parties and dizziness,
for five-part harmony and cheesy beats,
for living room laughter,
for unexpected kisses,
for these children of mine.


bandofbrothers said...

that is so sweet. i love those special little moments. you and your girls are so delightful and sweet. i would have loved dancing with you all!

Ashlei Paige said...

So Cute. Love your girls (Violetta too) love you!!!