Friday, December 23, 2011


What better way to break my blog silence (hi, it's been over a month, how is this possible) than with a post about this sweet birthday girl?
Today, December 23rd, is Annbelle's sixth birthday! she's not five anymore. nope. she's six!

Somehow, that seems like a big jump to me, the mama. Five is still little-- still closer to being a baby than it is to being ten. still small enough to shop in the little girls' section. It just feels little.

But six! oh, six is an entirely different matter. Just ask Annabelle. Why, today when she got up, she confidently claimed that she felt older! She was surprised that she hadn't actually grown that much overnight-- it sure felt like she should have! "I just don't feel FIVE anymore. I'm definitely six, mommy."

Yes, darling girl, you are. And while I can hardly believe it and a part of me wishes you could stay small and just the way you are right now forever, I rejoice with you. Because I see you growing and changing, and becoming more and more who you will be. I'm learning about you every single day, and you become more precious all the time, even with the challenges that we sometimes face together.

I want to cherish you, and the things that are a part of you as a not-five-but-six-year-old.

That sweet nature of yours that can go so quickly from thoughtfully serious to giggly happy. You can never stay serious for long.

The way you still like to cuddle and climb onto our laps.

Your little girl voice and the way you say your words, the way you ramble on and think it's the funniest thing even though we might not "get it". the high-pitched voice you reserve for our dog and sometimes, when you're not driving each other crazy, your little sister.

The way you just LOVE your sisters. It makes my mama-heart happy.

How you dance and skip and run around on your tippy-toes. And then constantly fall down even when it seems there is no reason why you should have. You, my dear, are what I would call gracefully klutzy. :)
Those blue, blue eyes of yours. Your curly blonde hair that is still fluffy every morning when you wake up. Your goofy smile. Your skinny little arms and legs, and how ticklish you are absolutely everywhere.

Oh, Annabellesie-boo, I know you have to grow up. And I can't wait to watch you do it, thanking God every day for you and praying that He would do wonderful things with your life.

But I'm so glad we have a whole YEAR of six to look forward to. And I hope it doesn't fly by too quickly, because I want to soak you up.

You are loved, little pixie-girl.


Lisa said...

How is this even possible? It makes me feel so old!

Barbie said...

She's so darn cute! Merry Christmas, Talia!

Lauryn said...

I can't believe how big Annabelle is getting! It sounds like her sixth birthday was magical, which is exactly how birthdays are supposed to feel :)