Friday, October 14, 2011

a cherished evening.

tonight, Emma and I ran errands together.
Annabelle and Rosalie were tucked into bed,
but not Emma.
oh no, she got to come with me, even though it was bedtime.
she sat in the front seat of the van, by me (don't worry, our airbags automatically turn off)
and scrolled through the list of artists on my mp3 player since I told her she could pick the music.
"How about First Aid Kit? I think I'd enjoy listening to that."
so that's what we did.
she asked me about the words in the songs,
questions that showed me how her mind was thinking and working.
intelligent questions.
we conversed.
at the mall, we held hands as we wandered through forever 21, and we pointed out the things we thought were the cutest. I think we have smiliar tastes.
after that,
starbucks was a necessity for our evening. she picked hot chocolate, I picked an apple chai.
"I'm glad I have this hot chocolate, or I might be cold in the stores. It tastes really good, too!"
at wal-mart we found her brown corduroy flats, which thrilled her to no end.
"these will go with practically everything! and they're so cute!"
oh, my little practical one.
we stood in line for a long time together to pay for our things, but I didn't really mind.
the evening could have stretched on a little longer. I was glad of it.
glad for this time with my little girl.
who, as she sat there with starbucks in hand and her brilliant blue eyes,
with her quiet thoughts and mindful ways,
didn't seem like such a little girl.
how does this happen so quickly? my mother-heart wonders.
your baby becomes your companion,
and brings you a whole new kind of joy.

it's almost bewildering.
a tad bittersweet.

but mostly,
it's amazing, and wonderful, too.

Lord, thank you for my sweet Emma Joy. Help me to be the best mother I can to this wonder You put in my life.


i'm lindsey. said...

talia, this was SO sweet :) i loved reading about emma!!! what a great night together......while you cherished it and will remember it forever - i think she will too :) you are a GREAT momma..........the Lord has blessed you with such an adorable oldest daughter, and a beautiful mother daughter relationship :) awwwwwww........ you write so well, made me wanna jump into the screen and join you :)

Amy said...

adorable - i can't wait to have these kinds of moments with our little one :) i'm sure emma loved it too!

Tristan said...

oh fun!

and i get that bittersweet though..sigh.

bandofbrothers said...

makin me cry over here! she is so lovely and you are so so so blessed. love this!

Morgan said...

You're making my mother-heart melt into a puddle on my dirty floor! This is so sweet. Your girls are all such dolls, and miss Emma sure is growing! I think she was younger than Madeline when Steph first showed off pictures of her at work... with little fairy wings, I believe. :) This makes me look forward to the big girl moments I'll share with Maddie. You two are so cute!

Sarah said...

this post just touched my heart, what a lucky mama you are

sarah marie p said...

What a sweet post for such a wonderful night! I'm such you'll always remember this evening!

katygirl said...

hi talia! i thought i'd see you at angela's shower on tuesday. :( i hope you're doing well!