Friday, April 15, 2011

Annabelle's Big Show

Dinner was an uproarious affair tonight.
Annabelle especially was in rare form,  and the silliness was off the charts.
Emma, through her laughter, said, "Annabelle, you are hilarious, you should have a tv show!"
Auntie Lydia and I immediately seized upon this idea and began to question our resident funny girl about it.
Me: "So, Annabelle, what will your show be called?"
Annabelle: "It will be called the Crazy Wild Annabelle Show!"
Lydia: "And what will you do on your tv show?"
A: "I'm gonna do all sorts of wild and crazy stuff, like run and dance and sing and just be crazy."
M: "What song will you sing?"
A: "The crazy wild song!"
L: "Not everything on your show can be called crazy wild, you know."
A: "Ok, then I'll sing Beauty and the Beast."
L: "Will you have guest stars on your show? And who will they be? Can I come on your show?"
A: "Yes, you can! You will drink coffee on my show." It should be noted that Lydia does love her coffee.
Emma: "And me, can I be on your show?"
A: "Yes! You will be the crazy wild dancer."
E: "I'd rather be the beautiful dancer. but.... ok. Or maybe I could just dance beautifully to the crazy version of Beauty and the Beast and just look surprised."
A: "Ok. And Rosalie can be on the show too, and she will just sleep all the time, all day long and all morning and all night." It should be noted that Rosalie does not really sleep that much.
M: "What about me? Can I be on your show too?"
A: "Yes. You will just eat a lot, all the time, on the show." It should be noted that I do like to eat. But still. Really.
M: "........."
L: laughs in my face. meanie.
M: "Ok, so tell me, where is your show going to be?"
A: "Um, on the tv, of course!" Silly me.
M: "No, I mean, like, where are you going to be when you make it? Where is it going to be filmed?"
A: "At the making factory!"
L: "Well of course. And where is that? Hollywood?"
A: "No! At the movie theater. Behind the movies."
M: "Oh! You mean behind the movie screens where you watch? Is that where they make movies?"
A: "Yeah! That's where my show is going to be. And then we can watch it on the theater."

I'll be sure to let you all know when The Crazy Wild TV Show, fresh from the making factory, and starring our very own Annabelle, comes to a movie theater near you.

You won't want to miss it.


bandofbrothers said...

oh my word. haven't laughed this hard in a while. you shoulda heard my wild peels of laughter behind the computer screen, where i film all my blogs. ha.

you are one funny mama. annabelle must get her humor from you.

and that crack about you eating all the time. HAHAHAHA. i was laughing so loud, i almost woke my sleeping boys.

i just love you.

Anna Banana said...

Children are the best and you just happen to half three of the cutest

Jerusha Abigail said...

oh my goodness! that wild, crazy Annabelle! I love it. And let's be real, you DO eat an awful lot. lol Oh, that cracked me up! Can you actually make this tv show please??
I love you guys.

i'm lindsey. said...

i wanna watch the show!!!
i wanna watch the show!!!

.jimaie.marie. said...

bahahahah!! I love this so much! I want to be on the show and eat a lot, all the time with you Talia!! ;D This girl is a hoot!!
I seriously think I need a copy of this picture of your crazy wild girlie so that when I'm feeling blue I can just look at that photo and CRACK myself up!
This girl is adorable! <3